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“Some of my friends suggested I turn Gemtracks into a full-scale online marketplace for other musicians to collaborate with each other,” the singer continued. “So, I brought together some producer friends to try it out.”

Today, the platform houses a wide variety of beats from different genres, include pop, hip hop, jazz and reggae. Some big-name producers that are currently selling on it include IYFFE, Lucas Gold, BEOWÜLF and more.

“Besides buying and selling beats, customers can now also hire freelance music producers and book recording studios too,”  Jesse revealed. “I am basically trying to turn Gemtracks into the ultimate website that all the people involved in creating music would be able to use and earn steady streams of income.”

Signing up to Gemtracks takes less than a minute. Users can either login using their email or social media account. Once registered, they can then look for new beats to purchase, or upload their own to sell. While most musicians are out of work during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one artist is using this chance to disrupt the industry. Twenty-three-year-old, singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo, has just launched a platform called Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.

Jesse Neo and His Story Behind Gemtracks • OzClubbers

“Like every industry in the world today, people are using the power of the internet to do what they would used to do but in a more automatic and faster way,” the Australian native explained. “After being in the music industry for a few years, I realized there weren’t a lot of technological innovation. That’s why I decided to change that.” 

Gemtracks allows producers and beatmakers to sell instrumental beats for up to $600 each. The reason for the high price is because each beat can only be sold once. The buyer is instantly granted copyright ownership. The track is then removed from the website.

“The idea started a year ago while I was working in Los Angeles and was constantly being caught in a storm of phone calls and emails with labels,” Jesse continued. “We spent all day discussing how they wanted songs they assigned me to write should sound like. Then I suddenly asked myself, what if there was a way to do this automatically.”

With that, the idea of Gemtracks was born.

Jesse listed all his tracks onto the website, and companies began to buy them.

“At first, I had no idea how Gemtracks would turn out,” Jesse confessed. “I was the only person programming the website, doing all the marketing, designing the layout and everything in between. However, I am happy that the website is slowly getting the attention from people around the world.”

And just for your information, even if you don’t have much experience with being a musician, you can also use Gemtracks as a learning resource. In fact, the website has a hidden section of tutorials, How-To guides, inspirational databases and free loops to help you get started.

You can listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

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