Do you want something good

Do you want something good to instantly happen? Do this. Now.

1. Think of three (3) things which you are happy and truly truly appreciate in your life right now.

2. Visualize these three events or things or person/s in three different circles.

3. Make these circles hover around your mind. Now milk the joy of it. Really feel in your body how joyful you are. Start by inhaling deeply and slowly… Visualize these events going into your cells.

4. Once you feel that good feelings started to come, multiply it, really feel elated by maximizing the feelings of joy.

5. Upon reaching that state of joy where you can no longer contain it, say “Aaaahhhhhhh” and imagine the sound “ahhhhhh” giving life to those positive images you have in your mind. “Ahh” is a primordial sound of creation. Put positive emotions and passion in the “ahh” sound.

6. Expect some miracles to happen. Something positive will happen in the next days to come. Be alert, and see the magic of heightened joy coupled with the sound of creation. Miracles will manifest themselves.

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