DST Isn’t for Everyone but it Might be for Politicians

I am personally a big fan of the Desire Satisfaction Theory. I know I said the same thing about Hedonism not too long ago but I think DST might top that. There are just so many pros about this theory. First off, Desire Satisfaction Theory basically tells us that in order to be well-off you simply have to pursue your desires. This means that, like Hedonism, there are many models of a “good life.” Again, I like not being boxed in by standards or what not. I have the final say in what actions I take in my life in order to help it go well. I think that a lot of people would agree that chasing your desires helps you to lead a happy life. When I first read about this theory I immediately thought of politicians. I’m not typically one to air my political views online so I’m going to try to remain as neutral as I possibly can. I just think that many of the people involved in today’s political environment are the best living examples of a DST-esque lifestyle. I’ve always been under the impression, even more so lately, that politicians are often acting in ways that fulfill their desires, not necessarily the desires of the greater population. However, I suppose you could say that about various kinds of people. There are the superbly wealthy (*cough* Kardashians *cough*) that are often out for personal gain and personal gain alone.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but after reading and learning about Desire Satisfaction Theory I have been noticing a lot of examples of it in pop culture.

(I meant to post this right after my blog post about dogs but I messed up my order)

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