Erica Mena And Safaree’s House Robbery News: Woman Who Is Allegedly Involved Speaks

Erica Mena and Safaree’s house was robbed and both of them addressed the issue on social media. Check out the latest news about the unfortunate event.
The Shade Room writes: ‘Erica later posted a photo of a woman alleging she was involved in the robbery. The woman took to her Instagram account to deny the allegations. (SWIPE) for the details.’
Erica hopped in the comments and said; ‘Shorty posting receipts to everything but what is actually being questioned. I don’t owe no apologies. Everyone involved including the character that has my daughters chain whom she knows very well is being questioned.’
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Someone said: ‘can’t be out here just blaming people based on what you see on the media,’ and another followewr posted this: ‘Where’s the “she innocent” comment at from that one guy so I can like it. Lol.’
One commenter said: ‘Soooo now Erica needs to come say who told her that the girl stole her stuff cause this is some serious accusations❗️🧐’
Another fan posted this message: ‘So Erica let the police do their job cause if you’re wrong this lady can sue you and win. 🙄😒’ and a fan said: ‘Erica better pipe down for she get herself into some bigger trouble.’
Someone else said: ‘I’m mad she posted that girl🤦🏾‍♀️. Confront her in private but homegirl came with receipts anyways so.. on to the next one.’
Safaree is sharing footage on his social media account of his house being robbed. Check out the clip here. ‘Look familiar? Dude stole my baby’s dress. And that’s my jacket he’s wearing… y’all done!! . We have so much pics and videos of y’all’ Safaree posted.
Erica Mena  could not be prouder of her figure these days. She will soon be a mother of three and she’s been rocking social media with amazing pics that she keeps dropping. Source

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