Erika Jayne: Please, Stop Threatening to Kill Me!

Erika Jayne may be guilty of helping to embezzle millions of dollars.

Moreover, Erika Jayne may be guilty of helping to embezzle millions of dollars from those close to victims of an airline crash in 2018.

As anyone who has been following this story — watching recent episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and/or refreshing various celebrity gossip websites — can attest to, the accusations against Jayne are very serious.

And yet.

The controversial reality star absolutely does not deserve to have death threats leveled at her on social media.

We can’t believe we need to write this.

Amid her ongoing legal troubles, which continue to be the focus of every The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Jayne shared a couple of screen shot this week that simply cannot be defended.

The first initially quotes the headline of a blog dedicated to this franchise and reads:

“REVEALED: RHOBH’s Erika Jayne spent $25M from estranged husband’s law firm on her glam squad, PR firms, a dance agency and 14m in Amex purchases.”

Erika Jayne execute

In response, one Instagram user wrote:

“@theprettymess needs to be executed,” even tagging the star’s verified account in the process.

Jayne went ahead and shared the message on her page, circling the negative reply in yellow and adding:

“Trying to kill me now? Stop threatening my life.”

Seriously, you guys.

She’s obviously right.

Jayne’s publicist, Jack Ketsoyan, immediately came to her client’s defense, as well, replying:

“They got not balls to say that to your face ugly haters hiding behind computers.”

He also directly addressed the Instagram user in a separate comment, writing: “Karma will get you,” alongside six middle finger emojis.

Just a few hours later, Jayne uploaded more threats from the same Instagram user, this time sharing a screen grav of a message the individual sent to her DMs.

“Feeling scared yet?” the message request read.

“The further the season gets, the more you should be worried about being in public… about a marked woman.”

What. The. Actual. F–k.

The hateful, dangerous posts were written in response to recent allegations that the Broadway alum had spent more than $25 million on glam, PR and assistants… using money from her ex-husband’s law firm.

This, according to a legal demand letter written by his attorneys.

“Mrs. Girardi signed under penalty of perjury the return and personally approved the charges allocated to the breakdown,” the letter claimed.

The note also alleged that money had been transferred from the firm to her EJ Global LLC company, of which she is the sole owner.

For the past several weeks, Jayne has continually pleaded her innocence — both on television and social media.

She has denied allegations that she only filed for divorce from Tom Girardi late last year as a way to hide the assets the pair purchased with money they essentially stole from Tom’s legal clients.

In December, Tom and Erika were served with a fraud lawsuit that accused them of taking settlement funds that were intended for the victims of a plane crash.

The Pretty Mess author’s response to the ongoing legal battle has been chronicled on the current season of the aforementioned Bravo series.

My divorce is not a sham,” Jayne tearfully told Kyle Richards on the July 14 episode.

“It’s just not. Nobody wants to be in the position I’m in right now. It is really unenviable. Being the possible target of a federal criminal investigation is, like, not cool.

“To have all those things said about you which are not true, and then to have everyone, basically, question everything.

“It’s lonely and it’s quiet and you would be shocked by how quickly people turn on you.”


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