ever since i have gotten

ever since i have gotten my hair cut last year in december i have had alot of negative comments. which led me to be an emotional wreck, vulnerable, and having a lack of confidence, as if i wasn’t before with myself. but lately i have been alot kinder to myself and telling myself positive things about myself each day or i try to everyday. anyways i have learned two things from this. one law of attraction is real and i have been more confident in myself physically as i really never liked my body. now i have found at time i am radiant than i have ever been and i feel at times im glowing. so speak positive things to yourself. it does wonders. i promise. its like growing a plant. you want to water it each day and if you want to put on calming music and speak kindness towards the plant. words are powerful. it can change you physically and mentally. second thing i’ve learned, peoples negative opinion and criticism towards me is really pointless. ive learned to walk away from those negative and toxic people as it doesn’t help to be around them. i cut my hair for myself and not for you anyways… we are all different and really everyone is beautiful in their own way. what good does it bring to put other peoples confidence down? none. and like i said earlier, words are powerful. so powerful you can speak life or death to a person or even to yourself. so choose your words wisely.

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