Foster The People Reflect On World Pause & Drop New Ballad, ‘It’s Ok To Be Human’ – Listen!

Foster The People Reflect On World Pause & Drop New Ballad, 'It's Ok To Be Human' - Listen!

Foster The People are reflecting on the ongoing global health crisis!

The indie pop band – consisting of Mark Foster, Sean Cimino, Isom Innis and Mark Pontius – took to their official website to share a message about “the beauty of this pause” and working together.

“This is the first time in my life, I have ever seen the world unite around a singular cause. I’ve heard about it happening in the past. I’ve heard stories about what it felt like after World War 2 ended; when people were broken, in mourning, but optimistic about rebuilding a better world. There was a feeling of unity after the twin towers fell and shook the nation,” the guys said in their statement. “There was a sense of unity after the terrorist attack on the Bataclan in Paris; but the essence of the feeling was different. This feels different.”

“The fear is different. The uncertainty is different. The unity is also different. As I woke up this morning to texts from friends and family with updates, warnings, and the desire to connect with other people, I found myself thinking about the beauty of this pause. The entire world has pressed pause,” Foster the People continued. “It’s as if mother earth said, “O.K. you degenerates give me the wheel. I’m gonna steer us back in the right direction’.”

Along with the op-ed, Foster the People have dropped a somber new ballad about unity called, “It’s Ok To Be Human” – You can stream it in full below!

To read the full message from Foster the People, click here.

Click inside to read the lyrics to Foster the People’s new song…


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