From Woke To The Sunken Place: The Kanye West Meltdown Timeline

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Millennials might remember 2004 as the year of Kanye. “College Dropout” was released and West quickly became the voice of a generation championing education, and addressing homophobia, all while rapping about commercialism, love, and mortality. Then, 2007 came with the tragic loss of his mother and fans watched in horror as West began his slow demise to the sunken place.

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Kanye West Meltdown Timeline With Kim Kardashian

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Fast forward 14 years and the rapper became less known for his work and more so for his unintelligible rants: on SNL, on stage during his concerts, during interviews, on live television… well, just about everywhere. Yet, all was not lost for the rapper who underwent treatment and afterwards spoke candidly about his breakdown.

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“I want to change the stigma of the word ‘crazy.’ People will take something that’s enlightened, put it in a different context and call it crazy to diminish the impact and the value of what I’m saying.”

Keep reading to see the Kanye West meltdown timeline and to see just how far into the “sunken place” the rapper truly went.

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