Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Catherine Accuses Richard of Cheating!

The relationship breakdown between Catherine and Richard continued on Thursday’s explosive episode of Grey’s Anatomy. 

The pair have been at odds for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before they made a decision about their future. 

Things were awkward from the jump, with Jackson and Maggie chatting about a looming anniversary dinner, fully discounting the fact that their respective parents were going through some big issues. 

Jackson brought his girlfriend Vic along with him to the event, but Catherine and Richard cannot play nice these days. 

During the dinner party, Jackson made an ill-timed toast to the supposed happy couple. 

“You two are the gold standard,&rdquo1; he said.

Naturally, this paved the way for fireworks, with Richard noting that he wanted Catherine to apologize for not standing by him during his time of need. 

Richard was also mad that he was forced to leave the hospital he helped to build. Catherine had an epiphany and gave him a poorly cobbled together apology, but the damage was done. 

Richard admitted that it was much too late for them to steer their relationship in the right direction, leading to Catherine implying that Richard had a secret girlfriend. 

As if that was not bad enough, she claimed he was texting this girlfriend during the dinner. Richard was livid, later revealing that he was texting Alex about Maggie running the cardio department. 

Even though she was proven wrong, Catherine left the table with the following parting shot. 

“It’s over now.”

Now that everyone knows they are over, they can start the process of moving on. This development was a long time coming. 

Richard and Maggie later talked about everything, with Richard saying he believes there is no way to reverse the damage in the relationship. 

When Maggie and Jackson left, Catherine claimed that Richard is determined to drag Maggie down with him. 

She follows that up by trying to get someone to buy Richard’s hospital from her, before leaving the room with another horrible speech. 

“I’m not sorry about a damn thing.”

Elsewhere, Levi, who was still recovering from heartbreak, learned that his Uncle Saul was about to die. 

Levi never had much of a relationship with his uncle, but he visited him in the nursing home to say goodbye. 

But Uncle Saul died the moment Levi introduced Nico as his boyfriend. 

“I killed him with my gayness,” gasped Levi. 

Levi and Nico stayed at the nursing home until another relative arrived, but things took a turn when a man arrived and started weeping. 

The duo quickly learned it was Saul’s boyfriend, and that Saul already knew Levi was gay. 

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 


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