Henry Cavill And New Girlfriend Make It Instagram Official – Check Out The Sweet Posts!

The actor took to the online world to make his romance with his new girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, Instagram official! Check out his sweet post!
Henry Cavill posted a picture that showed the two playing chess together and in the caption, he decided to make it clear that they are in a romantic relationship!
Not only that but she also shared the same picture on her own platform.
Henry joked that ‘This is me looking quietly confident just shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love destroys me at chess.’
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As for Natalie, her caption reads: ‘Just teaching my dear Henry how to play chess…or…maybe he let me win?’
It sounds like they are both playing mind games, which in this case is not really a bad thing at all!
As for the reactions to the cute post, one fan commented that ‘Queens Gambit season 2 looks dope..,’ making, of course, reference to the popular Netflix miniseries centered around professional chess playing.
Henry’s manager also commented on the post, wondering if ‘She used the closed Sicilian didn’t she? Savvy.’
The man is usually rather private when it comes to his love life, which is why fans think this is serious since he very rarely talks about it publicly.
He was, however, previously linked to Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco.
As for Natalie, she currently works as the VP of Legendary Entertainment and she also appeared on an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 back in 2005.
In December, Kaley Cuoco was a guest on Watch What Happens Live where she was asked about her brief romance with the actor back in 2013.
More precisely, one fan wondered if he really is ‘made of steel.’
The actress rolled her eyes, laughed, and replied with: ‘I don’t know. I never usually say, ‘I don’t know.’ I always have an answer, but [this time] I don’t know.’ Source

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