Hits From The Bong: Male Celebs Who Smoke Weed & Aren’t Too Shy To Say They’re High!

Male Celebs Who Smoke Weed

If Mary Jane were a woman, she would be the most famous seductress of all time. And these male celebs who smoke weed have an ongoing love affair that they aren’t willing to end. After all, if you enjoy something, why give it up?

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Male Celebs Who Smoke Weed Story


Now, there are famous guys who smoke pot that are more open about their habit than others. There are the marijuana enthusiasts who bring up their love for Mary Jane and what it does for their creativity in every interview. Then, there are the celebs who admit they maybe got high a little too much and had to cut down.

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However, they own up to lighting up, you might be surprised (or not!) by which Hollywood dudes proudly smoke weed!


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