Inside Kylie Jenner’s Secret Life As A Mom

The truth about Kylie Jenner’s lowkey life as a mom.

One frequent complaint about the Kardashian family is that they seem to be everywhere. But when new mom Kylie Jenner deleted some photos off Instagram, the internet went crazy! We don’t blame Kylie for doing what she feels is necessary to protect her daughter, Stormi Webster, but it makes us wonder how she’s taking to motherhood. We’ll reveal what is going on inside Kylie’s house, and how she’s coping with being a parent. While having a kid can put strain on a relationship, Travis Scott and Kylie seem to be doing great, and even make time for date nights. Kylie claims that she loves every single aspect of being a parent, and yes, that even includes changing dirty baby diapers! What do you think about Kylie’s decision not to share photos of her daughter on social media for the time being? Is it a smart decision, or is she simply keeping Stormi from an adoring public? Let us know what you think in the comment section, then hit subscribe for more from TheTalko.

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