Isabel Roloff: Yes, I’m Larger Than My Husband. So What?!?

Isabel Roloff and Jacob Roloff often share very sweet photos of each other.

To most observers, these snapshots are awfully romantic.

They depict a couple quite in love.

But to others? To the trolls and losers and idiots who choose to give a stranger a hard time over her body?

They depict something else, unfortunately.

On Thursday, Isabel shared a lengthy statement on Instagram in response to some really awful things being said about her on the Internet.

She wrote with emotion about “the experience of being a curvy person with a skinnier partner,” explaining: 

“This is something that isn’t talked about nearly enough and it leaves people feeling alone. That is my experience, I have often felt alone in this.”

Apparently, there are actually folks out there who look at pictures of Isabel and Jacob — the fourth child of Little People, Big World stars Amy and Matt Roloff — and make fun of the former.

Simply because she has a bigger body type than her husband.

Roloff went on to describe how photos of her and her man often result in comments such as… “she is so much bigger than him,” “either she can cook or has a great personality,” or even “that’s disrespectful, lose weight for your man.”

What the f-ck, right?!?!

“The comments are then swiftly deleted by me and then the person is blocked,” Isabel told her followers.

“I am in a good place with my body now, I really am, but it still sucks to see them.”

This is an extra sensitive topic for Isabel because she’s been candid in the past about having an eating disorder.

She therefore continued in her message:

“A lot of body image issues stem from wanting to take up less space.

“And when you are ‘bigger’ than your partner, you can feel incredibly embarrassed by taking up more space than them.”


Isabel said she frequently wonders what others are thinking about their size discrepancy any time she and Jacob are in public.

“The size of our bodies has no bearing on our worth,” Roloff said, very accurately and admirably.

“Our unique body shapes should be celebrated, not shamed. Besides, we are more than our bodies. So much more.”

AMEN, Isabel!


Isabel has been very open of late about her mental health struggles.

And it really sucks that she has to deal with these sorts of critiques from social media users.

“You need to know that it’s okay to be shaped differently than your partner. It’s more than okay, it’s beautiful. It’s perfect,” she wrote this week, sending out the perfect message.

“I have struggled with this for so long in secret, if me talking about it openly helps to normalize it, then it will have been worth it.”


Isabel recently published a cryptic message on social media about how the long-running feud with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff has left her feeling anxious.

She wrote that she “needed some space from this space. My anxious breathing happens on & off.”

“Different things trigger it but honestly interactions with people on here can send me spiraling and make my anxiety worse more than anything.”

Keep hanging in there, Isabel.

Keep feeling positive about yourself and please keep sending out these inspirational messages.

We applaud you for them.


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