Jameela Jamil Gushes Over ‘Life-Changing’ Podcast Discussion With Billy Porter – Admits She ‘Can’t Get It Out Of Her Head’

Billy Porter is the latest guest on Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh podcast and she called her interview with him ‘life-changing!’ The Good Place actress gushed over the episode, saying that she ‘can’t get it out of [her] head!’

During a chat with HollywoodLife, Jameela opened up about their eye opening chat together on episode 24 of her podcast and she had only positive things to say!

The star teased that ‘He goes on a five minute shouting rant at me as a motivational speech. He motivates me. He screams motivation at me for about five minutes straight is the best thing I’ve ever heard. It changed my life honestly. I can’t get words out of my head. I’m someone who really struggles to be motivated and he just kicked me in the ass in the middle of this podcast — it came out of nowhere.’

She went on to mention that he went really in depth during their chat, even getting candid about his traumatic childhood as well as his experience as a black gay man in the entertainment industry.

Upcoming episodes of the podcast also feature other big names such as Roxanne Gay, Gloria Steinem and Neal Brennan.

About her guests in general, Jameela shared with the same site that ‘It’s just anyone who can teach me. Everyone has a different, nuanced experience with mental health and with their journey to happiness. These people are coming onto this podcast really to teach me, and I’m sharing those conversations with the rest of the world. It’s anyone who will really go there with me and illuminate something about human nature.’

It sounds like the actress really wants to learn and understand, which is why she always has such deep and personal discussions with her guests.

She’s also managed to humanize these stars more than anyone else which is really helpful amid the COVID-19 quarantine, especially when it comes to people feeling alone and needing someone to relate to and draw strength and inspiration from.


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