Jana Duggar “In Love” With Best Friend, Rebuffed All Jim Bob-Chosen Suitors [Exclusive Details]

Back in January, Jana Duggar turned 30. Especially in today's world, 30-year-olds have their best years in front of them.

For most, 30 is not an age at which one needs to worry about opportunities passed. Much more lies ahead than behind.

In the eyes of the Duggar family, however, the oft-maligned Jana Marie is inching dangerously close to old maid territory. 

And there's more to her story than we ever knew.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, a former Duggar employee reveals how distraught Jana's father is.

Not only is Jim Bob is upset by Jana's refusal to marry and have children, but the circumstances behind her decisions.

Jana feels that as an adult woman, she should make her own decisions about who she loves and whether she has kids.

Her notoriously overbearing father disagrees.

Furthermore, Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly concerned about the nature of Jana's close relationship with a longtime friend.

We were familiar with the name Laura DeMasie, but nothing prepared us for this. It's honestly as sad as it is shocking.

Here's what our insider had to say:

1. Duggar Discord

Jana and jim bob duggar
If you’re reading this, you’re surely aware that women in the Duggar family are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, and to waste one’s most fertile years as an unattached “spinster” is some sort of affront to God.

2. Standing Her Ground

Jana duggar counting on photo
Obviously, such a mentality is rightly considered absurd in most parts of the modern world. More and more of the modern world with each passing year even. But it’s impossible to overstate the power of the systemic indoctrination that the Duggar kids are subjected to from early childhood on.

3. The Courage to Be Herself

Jana duggar nice dress
We say all of this not to belabor the nature of the family’s belief system (although that’s certainly a debate worth having), but as a testament to Jana Duggar’s courage in refusing to succumb to the constant pressure from her parents to marry and have kids.

4. Still Searching

Jana duggar in a skirt
Jana, as fans know, has been courted by multiple suitors. As the oldest daughter of the Duggar family, it’s not like there haven’t been opportunities or interested parties – including some very eligible bachelors we’ll discuss in a bit. But in her own words, she has yet to find “Mr. Right.”

5. Life Under a Magnifying Glass

Jana duggar outside
There’s nothing unusual about being 30 and single for most millennials, of course, but remaining unattached by the time you hit the big 3-0 is the ultimate act of rebellion in the Duggars’ world. As such, Jana’s love life remains an endless subject of fascination for the family’s most devoted fans.

6. Father-Daughter Conflict

Duggar sister reunion
The Hollywood Gossip recently interviewed a former employee of the Duggars, a reliable source whose insight has been invaluable to our understanding of the family over the years. He confirmed to us this week that Jim Bob is deeply upset by his eldest daughter’s refusal to marry – and went into detail we’ve suspected but never known for sure until now.

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