Javi Gonzalez Makes Teen Mom 2 Debut: Meet Briana’s Shy Fiance!

In a complete coincidence that wasn’t planned or scripted ahead of time at all, Javi Gonzalez debuted last night on Teen Mom 2.

Just one day after the world learned that we’d be hearing a lot more from this Orlando-based tattoo artist…

… because he’s engaged to Briana DeJesus!

Yup. It’s unexpected, but it’s true.

On Tuesday evening’s new installment of this popular reality show, DeJesus explained that she’s been hanging out with Gonzalez off-camera for approximately two months.

She added on air that she’s “finally” ready to not just talk about him, but have him on the show itself.

How exciting!

“This guy, this person, he’s cool,” she said via confessional on the episode.

“We’re friends, we hang out, it’s nothing serious, we’re just taking it how it goes.

“He may look a little rough around the edges because he has tattoos, but he’s a good guy.

“He’s met the kids, he hasn’t met my mom, he’s a single father of two kids. The kids have met, but I’m definitely treading super lightly.”

That was said way back then when the season was being filmed.

Fast forward to now?

And the announcement Briana made on Instagram on Monday?

And things have clearly turned serious.

“Javi asked & I said YES! We are ENGAGED!” wrote DeJesus as a caption to a photo of her and Javi and the ring he presented to her.

It’s unclear exactlly when he presented it to her, but clearly some time between this week’s episode being shot and May 23.

“As far as filming with him, it’s a struggle for me. It’s a struggle for me to introduce him to my world,” Briana added on air yesterday. “I guess we’ll see where it goes.”

It’s gonna go to the altar at some point down the line, folks!

Driving to Javi’s tattoo shop with a friend, DeJesus admitted of her alleged soulmate:

“He’s like, ‘Are we filming right away? … I’m not ready,'” she said, reading through her text exchange with the tattoo artist and adding:

“I don’t think he’s ready mentally, but he’s just uncomfortable. He doesn’t want anything to do with this type of stuff, which I understand.

“Not everybody can have a camera in their face and be OK with it.”

We later saw Javi and Briana talking outside of the former’s business — and that was mostly it.

Will we see him again on Teen Mom 2 at some point, though?

It’s safe to assume.

But DeJesus has emphasized for awhile now that Gonzalez really is hesitant to be on camera.

“We’ve been taking it very slow. I try not to keep him around the cameras too much because he’s not very comfortable,” Briana previously told E! News.

“He’s still very shy and he doesn’t really understand the whole TV life so I try to keep him separate as much as I can, which is a struggle for me because I feel like I’m living a triple life:

“Mom life, TV life and then, girlfriend life.

“I’m navigating and I’m trying and I hope he’s the one. He’s so nice. I’ve never met a man this sincere and genuine and that respects me so much.”

Following her engagement, meanwhile, DeJesus opened up to MTV News about her future with Gonzalez.

“I’m so in love and so excited to start a new chapter with Javi,” she told the news outlet.

“He is an incredible man and I can’t want to marry him.

“The ring is beautiful and I’ve never been this happy!”

briana collage

The MTV personality shares daughter nine-year old Nova Star with ex Devoin Austin and three-year old daughter Stella Star with ex Luis Hernandez.

She also used to date fellow Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin from 2017 until they split early the following year.

During an episode that aired in June 2018, DeJesus revealed that Marroquin even proposed to her.

For real!

“It wasn’t my ideal proposal and I wasn’t going to accept the ring,” she said about the question-popping over two years ago.

“It’s not the right time, so I gave it back to him. He wants to marry me, he wants me to have his children, he wants me to move in with him. There’s a lot of stuff that he wants.”

She added:

“Javi is a person that wants things down yesterday. That’s the military life. I get it. But that’s not how I live my life.”


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