Jeffree Star DRAGS Kylie Jenner on her new Kylie Skin with one savage comment

Jeffree Star just managed to shade Kylie Jenner
Back in June, you may recall Jeffree and Shane doing a review video of Kylie Jenner’s new skincare line. Cut to yesterday, Kylie announces her latest line of skin products including a coconut body scrub, lotion and sunscreen spray. An announcement on the Trend Mood instagram elicited some laughter from Jeffree. As in, he actually commented “hahahaha”. One Kylie fan called him out bringing up the “Never Doing This Again” video and stating they thought he was done with drama. Jeffree wasn’t about to let that slide and wrote back, “You should probably have a seat, because as a human being on this planet I’m allowed to comment on anyone’s releases, it’s also my job… Her first skin-care drop was a complete joke and was basically a money grab. So relax before trying to come for me. I’d rather save millions of people money than letting them be ripped off by a celebrity.”

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