Jenelle Evans: David Eason Has NEVER Abused My Kids! Everything is FINE!

David Eason is awful, right?

It's pretty much not up for debate at this point.

He's said and done such remarkably horrible things, it would be hard to even compile a complete list of them.

But like, he murdered his wife's dog, he's made tons of disgusting homophobic remarks, and he was also investigated by the Secret Service because he's just that much of a creep.

Still, Jenelle stays with him because (allegedly!) abusive relationships are weird and hard, and also because she's always depended on the love of her current soulmate to survive.

Even considering all of this, you're going to have a hard time believing the latest thing she's said about him …

1. The "Happy" Couple

David and jenelle eason forever
So we don’t want to do a full recap of Jenelle’s relationship with David, but it’s super relevant here, so let’s hit the high points, all right?

2. A Downgrade?

David eason hunting
Jenelle started dating David about a month after she broke up with Nathan Griffith, and from the beginning he seemed controlling — Teen Mom fans also discovered that he’d been accused of domestic violence before, which was definitely a red flag.

3. Not Great

Jenelle evans boyfriend david eason
In his early days on the show, we saw him get into arguments with Nathan and Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, and he was also pretty mean to Kaiser.

4. … Yay?

David eason holding jenelle evans baby bump
It didn’t take too long for her to get pregnant, it never does, and soon she had Ensley. Shortly after that, they got engaged.

5. Surprise!

Jenelle and david on vacation
And after they got married, things pretty much went all to hell. Or worse hell, we guess.

6. Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser 2020
Like we said, we’d seen David being a little too mean to Kaiser, but around the time they got married, Nathan’s mother, Doris, filed for emergency custody of the boy. She and Nathan claimed that Kaiser was being abused and neglected.

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