Jenelle Evans: Judge Me All You Want, Haters! I’m Getting Rich From Selling Nude …

When Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans back in May, many of her Instagram and TikTok followers expressed surprise.

It wasn’t that they were shocked that Jenelle needed to bring some cash into her household.

After all, neither she nor her husband, David Eason, had worked in several years, and the couple still have custody of more than half of their kids.

It’s probably tough to feed all those mouths with no revenue coming in.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead
Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media.

No, the surprise came from the fact that Jenelle had previously devoted so much time and energy to mocking and bullying other public figures who had chosen to supplement their incomes by producing OnlyFans content.

Seemingly overnight, Jenelle went from hurling degrading comments at OnlyFans creators to re-ordering her entire life in order to make the site her top priority.

These days, Jenelle and David take “working” vacations so that they can produce new content without worrying about interference from their kids.

Jenelle and David in 2022

Obviously, it’s good that the Easons are putting some distance between their new careers and their kids, but hopefully some day they’ll take a family-friendly vacation and bring the younguns along.

Anyway, Jenelle boasted about how much money she made in her first month on OF, and now, she’s hoping to keep the big bucks rolling in.

Earlier this week, Evans posted the photo below to her Instagram Stories.

Jenelle Evans promised her OnlyFans subscribers some new content this week. The former reality star says she’s making big money from the site.

“New content tonight,” she captioned the pic, in which she appears to be relaxing poolside in some retro sunglasses.

Clearly, Jenelle is not ashamed of her new career, and she shouldn’t be — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ethical sex work.

(Although, she should be ashamed of the manner in which she used to mock others for doing the same thing.)

Jenelle Evans in TikTok Video
Jenelle Evans reacts here on TikTok to losing out on a supposedly major endorsement deal.

But judging by how defensive she gets on Instagram and TikTok, she’s still a little insecure about being a professional adult content creator.

“Listening to the judgment about my life… Starts a spicy site,” Evans responded to one follower’s recent criticism.

“At this point, I don’t care #JudgeMe,” she added.

Jenelle Creates Content
Jenelle Evans has become an OnlyFans creator. And apparently, her page is already quite popular with subscribers.

“I thought there were way more ways to make money online Janelle [sic],” another commenter wrote.

“Yeah.. I have like 5 side hustles and a spicy site. you should do some research,” Evans clapped back.

“Don’t you already have enough money?” a third follower wrote.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close
Why, hello there, Jenelle Evans! This is an extreme close-up of the former Teen Mom star.

“I rather be on that website than any other app because everyone’s always mean on social media everyone is nice over there,” Evans replied.

She’s probably got a point there.

Paid subscribers are almost certainly more complimentary to Evans than the general public.

Jenelle Evans Complains

That said, it’s pretty funny that Jenelle is acting like politeness is the main reason that she prefers OnlyFans to Instagram.

We’re guessing her preference has more to do with the fact that users have to pay to see her OnlyFans page.

And Jenelle hasn’t had steady income coming in in a very, very long time.

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