Jeremy Roloff: Wake Up! The Media is the Enemy of the People!

Jeremy Roloff really has gone there, you guys.

Based on many of the things he’s said over the past several weeks, we should have seen this coming.

But that doesn’t make it any less depressing, you know?

We’re reacting here to something Roloff wrote on Twitter late this week, in reaction, we assume, to the incoming results of the 2020 Presidential election.

Echoing one of the most dangerous things Donald Trump has said over the course of his four years in office, the former Little People, Big World star wrote simply:

MSM is the enemy of the people.

Jeremy’s acronym stands for Mainstream Media, and the remark earned quite a rebuke from Jeremy’s brother, Jacob Roloff.

Jeremy Roloff statement

“As a self-styled free thinker it is bizarre to repeat populist slogans so assuredly,” he wrote in reply, adding:

“While no media outlet can or will ever be perfect, a full-throated demonizing of ‘the media’ is lazy and, again, only serves the populist politics you happen to support; not a ‘truth’, a slogan.”

Profound stuff there from Jacob.

But also accurate.

It’s both ridiculous and misguided to lump the entire media into one line of criticism.

It’s even more ridiculous and misguded coming from a Republican because Jeremy is very clearly implying here that Fox News is the only media outlet one can trust.

It’s also the highest-rated cable news network out there, which would make it the definition of mainstream.

As other social media users got themselves involved in this debate, Jeremy responded to a user who claimed to be in the media and that everyone knew it was “corrupt.”

jacob statement 2

“Chad, totally agree. We are in a war of information and truth is the casualty,” wrote Jeremy, adding:

“Anyone paying attention knows it, their acceptance seems to depend on what they’ve already consumed, and therefore think.”

Yikes, huh?

Jeremy similarly amplifiied unproven and treacherous thoughts online late this summer when he claimed the spread of wildfiire in Oregon were due to the work of arsonists.

“Truth is truly under attack,” Jeremy wrote to defend this postion, which was not backed by any evidence.

“This is a spiritual war and every person alive needs to be begging God for discernment and vision.

“The age of information is prove to supply us with nothing but confusion. Every issue has ‘facts’ on both sides. It’s nauseating.”

Jacob suggests that people stop following his ill-informed siibling at the time.

Just a couple weeks ago, meanwhile, Jacob once again took Jeremy to task for the latter’s claim that all looters and rioters in America were Democrats.

A few days later, with Joe Biden having secured the Presidency, Jacob said he felt pity for Jeremy and other Trump supporters.

In this latest dispute?

Jacob tried to be a voice of nuanced reason.

“As mentioned above, trading a flawed mainstream news for opinion and conspiracy theory without basis is not a path to “truth”, it’s just a different sort of secondary source with less fidelity,” he wrote.

Slogans are also insufficient. I’ve engaged you multiple times re: sources, info, etc.

In response, Jeremy continued:

“Again, nobody paying attention actually thinks the MSM is a source of truth.

“It’s opinion based rhetoric, as most outlets are. I.e. the information war, truth being the casualty. MSM is not validated because of its size, if anything it’s all the more deceptive.”

Jacob then accused his brother of confusing the different media mediums.

“The problem here is that I think you confuse cable news, tv news, with print news. TV, as you know, is meant to house personality and opinion (of both the anchor & the network).

“The conflation of all news as fake is simply indefensible because there is no such monolith to dismiss.

“”Quite a coincidence between your preferred news & it’s treatment of Trump,” he concluded.

We somehow doubt these two will be spending Christmas together.

Which is probably a good thing due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need for folks to keep their distance, even from family members.

Although… we now fear that Jeremy thinks thsi virus is a hoax.



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