Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Bullying, Mistreating Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar has been in the news a lot in recently, which is somewhat surprising.

After all, she’s generally regarded as the least problematic Duggar, and since she lives a thousand miles away from the rest of the family, she usually doesn’t get caught up in all their scandals and nonsense.

But whether she likes it or not, Jinger is a Duggar first and a modern California mom second.

So fans continue to dissect her every social media post, and many of them think they’ve uncovered an unsettling trend in recent weeks.

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You may have heard about the rumors that Jinger is miserable in her marriage.

You may have even heard the reports that Jeremy Vuolo has been mistreating Jinger.

We might know for certain what goes on in the privacy of the Vuolos’ home, but some followers think the couple’s situation is so bad that they keep their secrets from spilling out on social media.

The outpouring on concern began with posts in which many fans felt that Jinger looked exhausted and sickly.

Some jumped to the conclusion that this was a result of Jeremy’s unwillingess to help out around the house.

This is the usual stance for men in the Duggar family, who traditionally eschew so-called “women’s work.”

But in most cases, their wives are surrounded by family and in-laws to help them bear the burden of endless household chores.

Jinger lives in Los Angeles, and her closest adult female family members are back in Arkansas.

Add to that the fact that it seems as though Vuolo doesn’t care if his family catches Covid, and it’s not hard to see why so many are convinced that Jinger is feeling stressed out and neglected.

Jinger welcomed her second child in November, and insiders say that she’s been feeling a tremendous amount of pressure with two young ones running around the house.

There’s no indication that Jeremy has been pitching in more around the house.

But fans feel there have been several signs that he’s continued making life more difficult for his long-suffering wife.

Earlier this week, Jeremy posted the photo above along with a caption that some followers felt was unnecessarily mean.

“How it feels when you lose a 45-minute game of Phase 10 You fought valiantly, my love,” he wrote.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, I feel like Jeremy is very alpha with jinger. Almost like bossy, like, ‘I’m the man’ kinda guy!” one follower commented.

“Every pic I see of her lately she looks like she’s been crying…” a second added.

“She looks exhausted,” a third chimed in.

Not surprisingly, however, several of Jeremy’s followers were quick to come to his defense.

“I don’t see that at all! I see a super devoted and supportive husband! His ‘I’m the man’ comes off to me as ‘I’d do anything for her!” one fan wrote.

“You don’t know them at all! Stop making up stuff up!!!!” another offered.

Why are you saying this because he beat her at a game. It’s friendly competition,” a third commented, adding:

“The both of them are competitive. Do you know them?”

So it looks like the crowd is split on the Jinger-Jeremy question.

And since the Duggars are so good at keeping secrets, this might be the kind of question to which we’ll never have an answer.


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