Jessa Duggar: Blasted for Trying to Entertain Her Kids Amid a Pandemic

Welp, it just happened again.

Even amid a nationwide pandemic and even though Jessa Duggar has basically been forced to shelter at home with her three young kids.

Yup, the polarizing reality star just got parent-shamed once more.

Earlier this week, likely desperate for something to do with her kids during this challenging times, Jessa showed off an activity she had chosen to her Instagram followers.

“Singing and popcorn stringing,” Duggar captioned a video of Henry and Spurgeon using needles to make some popcorn necklaces on Monday.

And while this may have seemed like a harmless and fun thing to do in the eyes of some followers…

… it was viewed as an example of some awful mothering by some others.


“Uhm, needles and little kids?” one person asked in response to the footage.

Another weighed in as follows, sort of giving Jessa a compliment while alsoo criticizing her:

“I’d be so nervous to give my kids needles! LOL, you’re a brave mama.”

While a third individual reassured critics that “cross stitch needles are not that sharp,” his same user joked that poking yourself is one way to learn:

“When they sting themselves, they know that hurt, so they won’t do it again. Or maybe they [will].”


Like nearly every other mother and father around the country, Jessa and husband Ben are more or less stuck inside with their children these days.

These children are four years old, three years old and not even yet one year old.

It can’t be easy for her, but sympathy is at a premium on social media… as Jessa and Ben know very well.

Duggar recently had to defend Seewald from talk that he was a bad father, while Jessa even faced backlash a few days ago after simply posting a picture of her offspring standing around a water table.

In this latest example, it wasn’t just the presence of needles that irritated total strangers online.

It was also what the kids were popping into their mouths.

“Popcorn around a baby? Geesh,” wrote one shamer, for instance.

Despite of clapping back at liittle jabs such as these from social media users, Jessa has thus far remained silent in the wake of these newest insults.


Perhaps because she has more important things to focus on.

Like trying to remain safe in the face of Covid-19.

Or like trying to stay far away from her awful parents.


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