Jinger Duggar: Instagram Post Sparks Concerns About Her Marriage

As the eldest Duggar children enter or approach their thirties, there’s been much discussion as to who among them is truly happy.

And when the question of which of Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring is the absolute happiest arises, Jinger Duggar’s name might be the one that’s mentioned most often.

While several Duggars have failed to thrive in adulthood, Jinger seems to have built a stable life for herself in Los Angeles.

And while some of her sisters seem unhappy in their marriages, Jinger appears to enjoy a loving relationship with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

But now, some fans have come to the conclusion that Jinger’s happiness is merely a facade, and she’s actually miserable in her life on the West Coast.

Earlier this week, Jinger posted the photo below on Instagram:

“Two people, joined together as one; two souls bound in a commitment of love and loyalty,” she captioned.

“Marriage is a beautiful reality.”

Seems innocent enough, but some fans are convinced that Jinger is being inauthentic in her frequent claims of marital bliss.

“I’m a big believer in the theory that the more one brags about one’s wonderful, amazing relationship on social media, the worse that relationship is,” one follower commented on the pic.

“I have never really seen people who flaunt their relationships on social media as truly happy in their relationships in real life,” another wrote.

“This just looks so fake,” a third chimed in.

Obviously, it’s unusual for a typical “happy couple” post to be so heavily scrutinized.

But some Duggar fans believe this is just the latest in a long line of indications that Jinger is unhappy in her marriage.

“Jinger… lost all her spark?” a fan recently wrote on a Reddit thread speculating about the 24-year-old’s mental state.

“I wonder if after her infatuation faded, Jinger eventually began to suspect Jeremy married her for fame and to further his career,” another user followed up.

All of this comes on the heels of reports that Jinger is pregnant with her second child.

The two theories are not unrelated, as many Duggar fans point to the fact that Jinger only has one child as a sign of her unhappiness.

Jinger and Jeremy have been married for four years.

And the since the Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, a four-year marriage that’s only yielded one child is an extremely rare thing.

So if it turns out that Jinger is expecting, will the rumors of Jinger’s unhappiness finally subside?

Unlikely. Duggar obsessives seem to have made up their minds about this one, and clearly, no amount of loved-up selfies or declarations of undying affection will convince them they’re wrong.


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