Joe Admits His ‘Ego,’ Old School Ways Wrecked Marriage To Teresa

Joe Giudice has broken his silence after his separation from wife Teresa to imply his ego and old-fashioned husband ways hurt the marriage.

On Saturday, January 11, Joe posted Instagram throwback photos of him and Teresa in better times before their marriage imploded.

As readers know, The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple officially separated late last year after more than 20 years of marriage.

Joe is currently living in his native Italy, away from Teresa and their four daughters, while he waits for a judge to rule on his deportation case appeal.

The famous husband, 47, first reflected in his new social media caption about Teresa, also 47, “Whatever happens in our future, remember we were friends to begin with. We will always stay strong.”

He noted, “It’s not distance that breaks a couple it’s actions!”

The former jailbird went on to tell fans, “I’m growing and learning more from today’s generation. Egocentrism was thing in baby boomer and gen x era. Now, Millenials believe in joint effort not separating roles.”

Joe continued, appearing to muse about being a breadwinner, “Not that I didn’t love my era I see the ego thing got in my way like a trap. One bedroom is good Today, simplicity, girls and family first, and actions speak louder than a car or big things.”

The disgraced reality TV star was housed in the miserable Clinton County Correctional Facility, an ICE Detention Center in Pennsylvania, after he was released from prison. As Radar readers know, he was serving a 41-month sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud.

But Joe was able to move to Italy, where he’s been enjoying time with his mother and brother Pete.

Newly-slim Joe previously posted a shirtless video to show he’s single and ready to mingle.

After his marriage Instagram post on Saturday, Joe posted another a video just hours later to tell followers, “Eating off the land not bad,” about how he’s growing his own food.

Thin and fit Joe said in the clip, gesturing to his crops, “These are olives, dried up. They make natural garlic over here….I just eat it raw….It’s harsh but it’s good for you though.”

The former TV star chomped down some fresh garlic right from the plant on camera.

And apparently his split from Teresa has also given him some bitter regrets about how he’s behaved as a husband.

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