Joe Giudice Reportedly Super Excited For His First Boxing Match – Has Been Training Hard!

Joe Giudice is looking forward to his first charity boxing match while still in Italy! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is apparently very focused on his training and planning on showing what he’s got!

Apparently, he is so determined and working so hard to achieve this that he seems to be a totally ‘different person!’

Teresa Giudice’s ex announced earlier this month that he’d signed a deal with Celebrity Boxing while in Italy still appealing his deportation.

As it turns out, he is expected to have his first fight on October 24 and while his opponent is yet to be announced, Joe ‘is really excited to fully train and get into boxing.’

This is what a source shared via HollywoodLife, adding that ‘He got very into working out and self-care while he was away.’

His past is in the past as he is now very focused on training and self-care, as well as ‘trying to get as many fights on the books as possible. He’s slowed down on the drinking — big time — and is such a different person.’

The source mentioned that having this new purpose to his life has been making Joe really happy.

Even after his separation from Teresa, Joe is ‘doing really well in Italy.’

Of course, he would love to be around their daughters a lot more than he is able to but given the circumstances, he’s been doing great and staying busy ‘with construction [before Coronavirus happened.] He’s spending time with family and doing a lot of working out, cooking and walking as well. He’s trying to live as happy of a life as possible.’

The insider shared with the same news outlet that he chats with his four daughters several times a day via FaceTime!

Joe is always calling them and talks to Teresa a lot as well so there are no hard feelings between them.


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