June Shannon Reveals Health Diagnosis, Says She Could “Die Within 6 Months”

June Shannon dropped a gigantic bombshell on Friday night.

Potentially a life-altering bombshell.

And, tragically, we mean that literally.

The reality star opened up about her ongoing health condition during a scene with her sister, Jo “Doe Doe” Shannon, on the March 26 episode of WeTV’s Mama June: From Not to Hot.

“I’ve seen the walker thing in some of your video thingies,” Doe Doe said to June, bringing up her very public substance abuse issue and asking:

“So is it because of the drugs?”

This would make some sense, wouldn’t it?

Shannon has said she spent $1 million on drugs and blew off her children for many months as a result of this addiction.

However, Mama June said explained on this episode that her walker use had nothing at all to do with this dangerous habit or its ramifications.

“A month ago, when I went to get my chin done, he replied. “It looks like you got [lymphedema].”

She had what now? Come again, June?

“[Lymphedema], it’s where fat kinda makes some nodules up underneath your skin and your lymphatic system doesn’t work right,” June revealed in her confessional

While talking with her sister, June revealed how her lymphedema has caused her limbs to actually have different measurements.

Her left arm, she said, measures 27 inches in length… while her right arm measures 21 inches in length.

Moreover, her left leg is over 13 inches bigger than the right.

Just how bad did this condition get?

“I am to a point that I’m a stage 3,” June told Doe Doe. “If I don’t get took care of, I will die within six months.”

To be clear, this episode was filmed a looooooong time ago — and Shannon is, thankfully, still alive.

So she obviously battled back, took the necessary precautions and overcame the prognosis.

As the episode aired, in fact, June took to Twitter to share additional details about her health status.

“And yes it’s crazy in [September] last year, I was diagnosed with lymphedema and lipidemia,” she wrote at the time.

“A lot of women that [are] obese have this. It happens in every 9 women out of 10 so if [you are] having issues, women get checked.”

The motherr of two added via Twitter:

“And I will say a lot of women are misdiagnosed with having cellulitis and is [sic] being obese.

“That’s what I was told for years and meeting Dr. Schwartz in Beverly Hills educated me a lot.

“So [you] have to find to right [doctor].”

June has made many mistakes over the years, but we’re obviously glad she’s doing so much better.

Especially now that she’s clean, sober and focused on making amends with her daughters.

In this same episode, June visited Doe Doe for the first time since completing her rehab stint and asked her to reach out to her kids, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird [née Shannon] and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

For understandable reasons, the two had not been answering their mother’s phone calls after the way she had treated them during her lowest points over the past several months.

“Now all I need to just like, see the kids,” June told her sister, insisting it was important for her to reconnect with her children.

Let’s hope she means that.

We’re rooting for June to turn everything around — for good.


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