Justin Bieber: From Selena Gomez To Hailey Baldwin

The Justin Bieber Story
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Justin Bieber, You know him, we know him, everyone knows him. Justin was thrown into stardom at only twelve years old and he has mentioned several times that he wouldn’t suggest fame for anyone starting at such a young age, but why? He’s been around for quite a while now and enough to make a name for himself around the world. But what was he like before the fame? Compared to the monkey owning, mansion egging, celebrity we know today? Seriously, it’s been a wild ride. We’re just about to tell you, we’ll cover it all, his life from birth to marriage and everything in between. What kind of trauma has he gone through to regret the spotlight as a preeteen? And would he really have traded it all for a “normal” life? And what’s up with his spiritual journey? Sit tight and we will fill you in, right here on The Talko.

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