Justin Bieber In Hot Water Over New Dreads Hairstyle

This is not the first time but Justin Bieber is apparently in hot water over his new hairstyle! As you might know, Justin now sports dreadlocks and just like back in 2016, he is being dragged on social media for cultural appropriation!
The star himself posted pics of him with the new style and a lot of his fans aren’t happy about it at all!
One user simply told him: ‘This is not it Justin,’ while another pointed out on Twitter that: ‘so @scooterbraun you and your client @justinbieber just post BLM for days and talk about being an ally or educating y’all selves but turn around and do this foolery very performative I am sick of y’all.’
It’s a well known fact that dreads have been historically worn by the Black community and that Black people usually face discrimination because of it while white people do it for fashion with no consequences.
As a result, many do not like it when other races rock the hairstyle.
Furthermore, fans are even more upset given the fact that Justin had a chance to learn the first time he made this same mistake back in 2016, only to repeat it five years later.
Back then, Justin showed up with dreads at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and after criticism, he shaved his hair down, releasing a statement as well. ”Dude, are you going to do anything with your hair or are you just going to leave it like that, dude?’ Yeah, this girl came up to me, like, ‘I love you Justin, but like, that is like my least favorite of yours,” he told his followers in a video at the time. ‘Being weird is fun’ if ur not weird I don’t like you,’ he also captioned the clip.
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