Kailyn Lowry: Who Knows, Maybe I’ll Date a Woman Again!

Real talk for a second, okay?

Kailyn Lowry has had bad luck with men.

Granted, that might not be the hottest take you’ll read on the Internet today. But it’s about to be very relevant…

On Tuesday, September 29, Lowry debuted her brand new podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama,” a show she co-hosts with Vee Torres, the wife of her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera.

It’s an unusual pair, we know.

The first episode was made even more unusual, meanwhile, when the ladies in charge started talking about Kailyn’s dating history… considering it very much includes Vee’s husband.

“Everyone I dated never had kids. Because I know the messy situation, I don’t want to put myself in it on the other side,” Kailyn said, admitting that four children in her life is likely enough.

She isn’t interested in bringing anyone else’s into the picture right now.

But what about if she found the absolute right person, Vee asked?

Regardless of gender, Torres even added?

“I always told you I feel like you should be with a girl! If she had a kid, or he had a kid, you would try not to pursue it?” Vee asked Kailyn.

Lowry confessed that she couldn’t say for certain.

And then she made headlines by also confessing that she’s open to dating a guy or a gal in the future.

“I’m just nervous – I should go speed dating…with you guys, Javi [Marroquin], Jo [Rivera], Chris, Vee and all the kids and be like ‘this is my package deal,'” she joked, referring to her very extended family.

“If you can’t hang! Is there speed dating for lesbians?”

“I feel like you need to be with a girl honestly I swear, I feel,” Vee said, really hitting this topic hard and getting Lowry to jump on board. 

With a major caveat.

“If I meet the right one…because the ones I’ve met…are not for me,” she said of dating the opposite sex.

Indeed, Lowry was with Dominique Potter back in 2017. They seemed like a legitimate couple and everything.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended after Kailyn admitted to hooking up with ex-husband Javi Marroquin after his break-up with Briana DeJesus; she cheated on Potter, basically.

Following this split, many fans believed Kailyn was dating her longtime friend Becky Hayter.

However, the two quickly shut down such speculation.

Lowry, of course, has four sons by three men.

She and Rivera share 11-year old Isaac, while she and Marroquin share six-year old Lincoln and she and Chris Lopez somehow share three-year old Lux and relative newborn Creed.

Kailyn is on awful terms with the latter and somewhat decent terms with the former pair of past lovers.

Like we said above, she hasn’t exactly struck gold with any men just yet.

Might she one day? Sure.

Should she give another woman a shot? Also sure… whatever makes her happy.

But maybe, just maybe, Kailyn should also take a break from dating for awhile, you know?

Like, until the year 2037 or so.


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