Kanye West Takes To Twitter Again To Talk Abortion And More

Fans of Kanye West know he’s not a fan of abortion. The performing artist used his Twitter account again this week to put the practice on blast after first bringing it up for the world to see in July amid his rants about his family.

Kanye first started making waves in the media on the 4th of July, when he shared that he had plans to run for the presidency of the United States this year. Reportedly, the rapper’s team hired a third-party service to travel around and collect signatures within the span of just a few days.

And while his public desire to be the president of the United States made many in the entertainment industry roll their eyes, it was the comments he made about his wife, Kim Kardashian, as well as Kris Jenner that turned everyone’s heads.

Amid these tweets, Kanye also touched on abortion, explaining how he and his wife wanted to abort their firstborn child, North. On the 31st of July, Kanye took to his Twitter account to touch on the practice again, urging for its discouragement in society.

Kanye wrote in a new tweet that over 22,500,000 babies have been aborted in the last fifty years. Kanye has suggested before that the entire purpose of Planned Parenthood was to eliminate black people from the earth, or to at least keep their population in check.

As it was noted above, Kanye stirred controversy again last month when he took the stage at his South Carolina rally. The rapper began to cry on stage while he explained how he and his wife wanted to abort North, their first baby.

Sources have alleged that Kim was “furious” and “embarrassed” by the rapper’s very public comments. However, around the same time, she released an Instagram post in which she addressed the rapper’s state of mind.

Kim offered further context on his bipolar condition but appeared to stand by his side. Not long after, rumors of a divorce between Kim and Kanye intensified, which was exacerbated by West’s insinuation that Kim had cheated on him with Meek Mill.


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