Keeping Up With Only The Kardashians! Sofia Richie Ditches Dad & Sister For Famed Family

Sofia Richie has been so consumed with the Kardashians that she’s neglected her own family, can exclusively report.

It’s been over a year since the model, 21, has been photographed with her sister Nicole and father Lionel, and a potential Richie reunion doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

“She barely saw them over the holidays and it’s breaking their hearts, especially Lionel, who now concedes he’s lost Sofia to the Kardashian clan until she grows up and comes to her senses,” an insider exclusively told Radar, noting that it doesn’t help that her boyfriend Scott Disick is “such a control freak and he totally organizes her social calendar, which revolves around what Kris wants them to do and leaves little to zero room for her own people.”

And it’s not just matriarch Kris Jenner that’s infringing on Sofia’s time.

“If Kim or one of the older sisters invites Sofia anywhere, she drops everyone else – including her family – like a hot potato,” the insider said. “She’s not very popular with the Richies right now, but she doesn’t seem to care.”

Radar readers know Sofia’s loved ones have never been particularly fond of her relationship with her much-older beau.

At the beginning of their romance, Radar exclusively reported Nicole, 38, warned Sofia to steer clear of Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex, and she questioned 36-year-old Scott’s true intentions.

“Nicole is trying her best to keep her sister away from Scott because she thinks that Scott is using Sofia to get back at Kourtney for leaving him for Younes [Benjima],” a source snitched to Radar at the time.

“Nicole thinks that Sofia is setting herself up for disaster by getting involved with someone from the Kardashian clan,” the source had added. “She does not want her sister to end up with a broken heart, but knows that it is just a matter of time before he screws her over.”

Lionel, 70, on the other hand, initially approved of the romance, but he later expressed his belief that it was “just a phase.”

When Sofia and Scott had a brief split early on in their romance, Radar exclusively learned her family was “beyond upset” that she took him back.

“Sofia is so addicted to fame and when she ran back to him after she realized she was going to lose her Keeping Up with the Kardashians contract,” the insider then revealed to Radar, explaining, “She just can’t stand being irrelevant.”

The model recently made her debut on the family based reality show.

Despite awkward interactions with Kourtney, Sofia has a friend in Kylie Jenner, who she’s vacationed and partied with on numerous occasions.

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