Kenya Moore Will Make Your Day With This Clip For Brooklyn Daly’s Birthday

Kenya Moore will make your day after she posted a clip on her social media account featuring her daughter, Brooklyn Daly. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.
Someone said: ‘She is adorable, Kenya. You are a wonderful Mom. Continued blessings to you and Brooklyn,’ and a commenter said: ‘Happy Birthday Brooklyn!! Her little vocabulary is expanding more aaawww she getting older.’
One fan said: ‘Happy blessed birthday our adorable princess Brooklyn. Wishing you everything positive life has to offer. We love you.’
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A fan said: ‘We know who will be playing the piano…mommy. Happy Birthday Brooklyn,’ and a commenyter said: ‘Another beautiful scorpio! Happy birthday Pretty Princess Brooklyn!’
One other follower posted this: ‘I’m happy Kanya and Aunt Lori are talking again. Kanya loves lori,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘@thekenyamoore melts my heart when I see these videos with Brookie. Anyone with two eyes and powers of discernment can see that the portrayal of her on RHOA keeps her in a box that she outgrew years ago. I liked how she gently corrected Brookie’s grammar and said “mine…there’s no s” when @thebrooklyndaly said “mines”. That’s mothering with a purpose and Kenya is getting an A+ in my books! Great job mama!’
Someone else said: ‘I pray that you grow up to be the most admirable lady in society and the world at large,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Happy birthday my virtual niece… our beloved Brookie Cookie.’
Kenya Moore opens up to her fans and followers on social media about a dream of hers that she had for a really long time. Check out one of her recent IG posts below. ‘What more can I say? A lot… PLEASE bear with me this is PART 1 I have to get this all out! Again PART 1 What an amazing experience- a dream I’ve have for 16 years when I would watch @dancingabc with my Grandmother Doris who I lost to Alzheimer’s in 2017. I want to thank queen Deena Katz for your generosity and grace I love you! Shannon Barr @sbarr06 you championed for me and I will never forget that! Thank you friend you are a bad ass,’ Kenya began her post.
She continued and said: ‘To @dancingabc @bbc @bbcstrictly @bravotv @andy thank you for giving me this platform and the opportunity to live my best life and to show the world that a little Black girl from Detroit can live her dreams and show the world my real heart. To my fans and #teamtwirl you had my back to love you. I could not have done this without you! Source

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