Kim K. He is afraid that Kanye West will forget his Anniversary. It feels “Neglected”   .

Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kanye West, 40, will be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary on May 24. But the rapper has buried himself so much into his new album that’s dropping on June 1 that she’s afraid the date might slip his mind. “Kim is hoping Kanye does not forget it’s their anniversary. Kanye has been so busy traveling and working, Kim has been feeling a bit neglected,” a source close to the reality star tells. Kanye has been holed up on Wyoming for most of the spring working on music. Then when he was back in LA he was going wild Twitter rants supporting Donald Trump and made a bizarre appearance on TMZ Live where he outrageously claimed that “slavery was a choice.” No wonder Kim feels like she’s on the back burner.

“She has been so busy taking care of the kids and running her own company that she hasn’t had much romantic time alone with her husband that last several months. Kanye has been so wrapped up in work and trying to change the world that Kim feels that they have lost a bit of romance in their relationship. She misses the wildly passionate lover that rented out baseball stadiums just to impress her. She is really hoping for a sweet, sensitive gesture from Kanye letting her know that he still puts her above everything else in this world,”.

How time has flown since their romantic wedding four years ago in Florence, Italy’s Forte di Belvedere. Kim’s been spending this week being attentive to her kids, taking her two oldest children North, 4, and Saint, 2, to a fun trip to Disneyland in celebration of one of Nori’s playmate’s birthday. Meanwhile, Kanye hasn’t been seen since his wild May 1 appearance on TMZ Live. After that and his inflammatory comments about slavery, many in the hip hop community turned their backs on Ye, while others thought his behavior was a sign that he needed some serious help. Hopefully with all of the drama going on in his life he can still give Kim some grand gesture of love on their wedding anniversary to show how thankful he is that she’s stayed by his side as a loving and supportive wife.

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