Kim Kardashian Nanny Bills Causing Her And Kanye Serious Money Problems

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Financial Problems Are Because Of Their Children

Kardashians lead the lifestyle of the rich and famous many of us are jealous of. The kids get to enjoy birthday parties that cost more than our tuition fees, and millions of dollars are spent on luxurious mansions. Being a celebrity nanny comes with a head-spinning six figure salary. And it looks like Kim and Kanye are struggling with their finances considering that multiple staff gets paid more than 100,000 dollars per year. On top of that, we’ve all heard the news of Kanye spending 14 million dollars on Kim’s new mansion and we bet the expenses aren’t even stopping there. Birthday parties alone look like they cost a fortune and reports say that the nanny bills, along with everything combined, are slowly taking a toll on Kardashian-West finances. While we’re sure the family will be fine financially, we do wonder if that means next year’s birthday parties won’t be as lavish and luxurious.

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