Kim Kardashian to Critics: Take THIS Anniversary Tribute!

It’s been a difficult quarantine for Kim Kardashian.

This may be stating the obvious, considering how millions of people are basically stuck at home these days, but it seems especially true for the former Ray J sex tape co-star.

And here’s why…

First, Kardashian paid tribute to her mother on social media — by sharing a throwback photo of Kris Jenner and giving her props for having shed a lot of her pregnancy weight decades ago.

Yes, of all the attributes Kim chose to admire about her parent, this was the one she focued on:

Jenner’s weight loss.

Pretty sad and pathetic, right?

Then, Kim faced a new round of criticism after she was accused of being racist in her latest promotion of shapewear line Skims.

On top of all this, there’s been chatter that Kim and Kanye aren’t getting along at all amid this Covid-19-based quarantine, fighting non-stop as they’re forced to actually spend time together.

This may sound crazy, but think about it:

These superstars are often on the road for their job… and now they’re actually under the same roof, with four young children, for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time.

That would be enough to drive many relationships all the way to the edge.

In the face of these rumors, meanwhile, Kim and Kanye rang in their sixth wedding anniversary.

On May 24, 2014, the pair exchanged vows in France.

And, based on what Kim just wrote on Instagram, despite what you may have read of late…  they have every intention of sticking to these legal and romantic vows until the day they die.

“6 years down; forever to go Until the end,” Kim wrote on Instagram, along with two throwback photos of her and the rapper.

Kris Jenner also commemorated their special day as follows:

“Happy Anniversary to these two!!! I love you guys!!!!! @kimkardashian #KanyeWest.”

Kanye didn’t say anything about the occasion, perhaps signaling that things are, indeed, rocky at home.

Or perhaps just being as quiet and mysterious as he typically is.

For their fifth wedding anniversary, West whisked his bride away to Las Vegas for a special trip to see Céline Dion in concert.

This took place just two weeks after the pair welcomed their fourth child, Psalm, into the world via surrogate.

Of their marriage, a source told People Magazine last year that “Kim and Kanye seem very happy,” adding:

“They feel very proud about their marriage and they love being parents.”


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