Kobe Bryant’s Deadly Helicopter Accident Was A ‘High Energy Impact Crash’

The helicopter accident that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven other people was a “high energy impact crash,” the National Transportation Safety Board announced on Tuesday afternoon.

“We know that the helicopter was at 2300 feet when it lost communications,” NTSB board member Jennifer Homendy said from the press conference in Calabasas, Calif. crash location on January 28.

“The descent rate was over 2000 feet a minute. We know this was a high energy impact crash,” she said.

“They missed clearing the mountain by 20 or 30 feet,” she explained. “It wouldn’t be a normal landing speed.”

Homendy revealed the details of the final moments for the Lakers legend and the eight other people on the helicopter. “Descent to impact was probably about a minute.”

She revealed that their investigation “located all significant components” of the crash debris and said the “helicopter was in one piece when it impacted the terrain.”

The NTSB board member explained that before the press conference they held a 3 pm. conference call with family members of the victims but refused to reveal who was on the call and what was discussed other than saying they informed them what they would tell the public.

Homendy said the on-site investigation was completed and detailed the next steps of the process.

“In 10 days we are going to issue a preliminary report. It is going to contain factual information. In 12 to 18 months we will issue a final report that will include findings and safety recommendations that we hope will be implemented by recipients. The goal is to prevent this type of accident in the future.”

Scroll through the gallery for photos and more details about Kobe Bryant’s fiery helicopter crash.

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