Kody Brown Ordered to Pay $30,000 for “Pain and Suffering” Caused by Car Crash

This is SO not what Kody Brown needs right now.

As has been well documented over the past few months, the Sister Wives patriarch is not exactly Scrooge McDuck.

He isn’t swimming in cash these days.

And yet the veteran reality star is gonna have to dig into his reserves somehow in the near future — because he just got walloped in court.

Back in December 2018, Kody and his son, Paedon, were sued by Stefannie Gonzalez and Mirella Flores because Paedon rear-ended their car in an October 2017 car accident.

The force of the collision pushed the plaintiffs’ vehicle forward, causing it to crash into the car in front of them.

In order to absolve themselves of blame for their own rear-ending, which they argued was a result of Paedon’s negligence, Gonzalez and Flores filed their aforementioned lawsuit.

According to legal documents obtained by The Sun, the case was resolved in arbitration on May 27, 2020.

And it was NOT resolved in Kody’s favor.

Gonzalez, who was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, was awarded medical specials in the amount of $8,774.28 and damages for pain and suffering in the amount of $3,000.

Flores, who was a passeger in the car Paedon hit, was awarded medical specials in the amount of $13,521 and damages for pain and suffering in the amount of $4,500.

In the complaint, the plaintiffs sued for $15,000 for damages to them and their property, writing:

As a direct and proximate result of the collision, Plaintiffs have been limited in the recreational, household, and vocational activities they can perform, which, in turn, have caused them pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life in a presently unascertainable amount.

They claimed that Paedon slammed into them because he was following their car too closely.

When they stopped for an emergency vehicle, Paedon’s crashed into them from behind.

How did Kody get dragged into this? Because his son was driving his car.

The plaintiffs wrote that Kody was “jointly and severally liable,” as he “knowingly entrusted a vehicle to an inexperienced or incompetent person.”

So there you have it: Kody owes these women all the money outlined above and such a legal order comes at a very bad time for the reality star.

As loyal Sister Wives viewers know well, he’s paying for four houses at the moment and purchased property (on which he must pay taxes) in Coyote Pass years ago that is sitting untouched.

This Coyote Pass land cost $820,000 and Kody has seen no return on that investment whatsoever.

Meri and Janelle, meanwhile, are renting homes in Arizona, while Christine purchased a house for $520,000 and Robyn bought a residence for $890,000.

Kody is carrying those mortgages.

No wonder Christine therefore said on the January premiere of Sister Wives that “financially, we’re drowning.”

Kody, who is a father of 18 children, added: “Basically we’re paying four, no five mortgages with the Coyote Pass property.”

We previously reported that Kody and Robyn even applied for a home equity line of credit in the amount of $150,000 on March 20 for their home, which was approved.

Just how much is Kody suffering these days?

He isn’t even able to contribute money for his daughter’s surgery, which has prompted Christine to basically go out and beg fans.

So, how will the annoying Sister Wives lead pay his legal debt?

He may need to turn to the only family member actually raking in dough at the moment.

Prepare for a phone call, Meri Brown


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