Kylie Jenner My Body’s Back and Oh Here’s Stormi Here Too

Author: ddnnews

Kylie Jenner’s snap back game is strong, and she’s flaunting it by revealing her body for the first time since giving birth.

Stormi was born Feb 1, so exactly one month later mama Kylie posted a very brief video showing off her butt and mid-section, and there’s no remnants whatsoever of the baby bump. You can tell 20-year-old KJ’s feeling pretty good about her progress she included the caption, “1 monthhhhhhhhh.”

She also had a more traditional way of celebrating Stormi’s first 28 days of life posting her first mother-daughter pic, which shows a glimpse of baby girl’s face.

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This is really the first sign of old Kylie we’ve seen since before she got pregnant. You’ll recall, she totally went into hiding once she was with child. She stopped posting new selfie photos and videos and rarely went out in public.

Interestingly, she posted the video on her Snapchat account. Perhaps a make good for potentially tanking the company’s stock last week – to the tune of $1.3 billion when she announced she wasn’t using the app as much anymore.

Author: ddnnews

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