Kylie Jenner Posts PREGNANCY Photo After Flirting With Travis Scott!

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Kylie Jenner has been pretty active on her Instagram the past few days. You know like busy TROLLING US with a pregnancy picture and flirting with Travis in his IG Comments!

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and not that this is anything new, but what Kylie’s saying and what she’s posting has got a lot of people doing a double take.

It all started off innocently enough, with Travis Scott posting this picture of what can only be his 2020 mood board.

Some dirty sneakers, a big water flask – gotta stay hydrated – and some curly fries that he said he made himself.

Well, jury is still out on that one. Because a lot of people are claiming that they’re from Arby’s. But he insisted they’re his own recipe, saying in the caption “I made these curly fries. Ahhhh mannn”

I guess we have no reason to not believe him… except they really do look like Arby’s fries, and I guess Kylie doesn’t quite believe him either. Honestly, she probably knows more about his cooking abilities than any of us do.

She commented on his photo with the cap emoji – as in “you’re lying”, whereas “no cap” means you’re telling the truth!

Well, over 54,000 people have already liked her comment, which definitely means they think he was lying as well.

But nevertheless he persisted! Travis commented back at Kylie, saying “lmao you know they fire”.

Hmm seems like they know something that we don’t know!

Either way, people thought that this brief interaction about whether Travis was lying about making curly fries counted as flirting. Yep, reading too far into the comments section of celebritie’s Instagrams is still a thing in 2020!

The two broke up in October 2019 after approximately 2 years of dating.

Ever since, the two have pretty much perfected the art of co-parenting their beautiful baby Stormi. Stormi just celebrated her second Christmas ever. And her first Christmas as a child with separated parents.

But that didn’t stop the Jenner-Websters from celebrating the holiday as a family. Both Kylie and Travis wanted to be there when Stormi opened up her presents on Christmas morning, so they put their differences aside for their baby girl.

Before that, they also did other holiday traditions as a family.

Shortly after their breakup in October, Kylie and Travis brought Stormi to a pumpkin patch, where they acted as each other’s photographers.

At the time, a source said that their Thanksgiving was, quote ‘super chill and fun, and they’re confident the good vibes will be flowing once again on Christmas”.

And they were right about that as well. Well… partly right.

Because they’re Christmas certainly looked fun, but you know these two can’t be chill about anything.

Kylie and Stormi celebrated in PJs under an incredible Christmas tree. Sorry, PJs here stands for pajamas. NOT private jets. We’re getting old school here.

Meanwhile, around the same time, Travis was posting photos of him with a flamethrower.

Well that’s one way to get rid of the Christmas tree after the season.

Okay okay he was actually promoting his new song and music video.

But that’s not all. Despite the family spending the holidays together, people thought there might be some bad blood between them.

A few days after the holiday, Kylie ended the decade a bit differently than she started it.

I’m of course talking about her posting this thirst trap photo – her words, not mine.

She said in the caption “just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap”

Nothing out of the usual there. Except minutes later, Travis posted a big “LOL” to his instagram story.

No context, no follow up, no NOTHIN’.

So obviously, people took this as a dig at Kylie.

But i guess any animosity that might have been there between these two all dissipated with this more recent french fry flirt fest.

Honestly, thank god for Arbys.

And I guess the french fries got Kylie thinking about simpler times, because shortly after her and Travis’s interaction in his comments, Kylie went on to post a photo on her own feed.

It was a new, never before seen picture of her with a gorgeous baby belly.

So we’ll just have to see what happens. I for one can’t wait to see how Kylie and Travis follow up to their Stormi-World birthday party last year.

Until then, what do you guys think is going on between Travis and Kylie? Do you think they might be getting back together? And even more importantly, do you think Travis actually made those fries?? Let me know in the comments below.

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