Larissa Lima Body-Shames Colt Johnson, Praises “Sexylicious” Eric Nichols

Even as much as Larissa Lima says in interviews, she shares even more of herself with her adoring fans.

Recently, the self-styled Queen took to Instagram to hold a Q&A with her legions of followers.

She heaps praise on Eric Nichols, her boyfriend.

Larissa unfortunately decided to body-shame her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, which is not cool.

She also goes into plenty of detail about her cosmetic procedures, her goals for the future, and so much money.

And yes, Larissa discusses her OnlyFans, finally setting a deadline for when she plans to launch her adult media page.

1. Larissa has many things to say

Larissa lima smiles in an interview
Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Larissa is one of the most followed, most discussed stars in 90 Day Fiance history. She has many fans, and those fans have questions — questions that she answered in a lengthy Instagram Q&A.

2. She had great things to say about Eric

Eric nichols and larissa lima bury the hatchet
Eric Nichols has been Larissa’s on-again, off-again boyfriend since February 2019. In her Q&A, she raves about him as a person, a boyfriend, and a lover.

3. Colt, on the other hand …

Colt johnson and larissa lima face off
Larissa has no more kind words to say about her creepy ex-husband. Unfortunately, in this instance, she resorts to body-shaming, which is never appropriate. Let’s delve into this Q&A.

4. Why does Larissa change her face and body so much?

Larissa lima ig q and a 01 likes to change
Larissa explains that she simply likes to change. Some of us cannot relate, and many people want to undergo simple changes to their bodies. Larissa enjoys exploring different looks that she can have.

5. Is she still dating Eric?

Larissa lima ig q and a 02 still with eric
We will take this response as an affirmative yes.

6. She should have her own show!

Larissa lima ig q and a 03 life with larissa
A fan suggests that Larissa should get a reality spinoff titled “Life With Larissa,” not unlike Chantel Everett’s “The Family Chantel.” It’s not a bad idea — and Larissa wholeheartedly agrees.

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