Larissa Lima Tells All About ICE Arrest, Firing, and Her Kids!

Larissa Lima is one of the most polarizing cast members in 90 Day Fiance history.

Some people love her. Some people hate her.

Often, the line between love and hate depends upon whether people have only seen her on the show or if they've followed her in posts and interviews off of TLC.

Now, she is no longer part of the franchise, as she was fired in September for her cam show.

Larissa says that they didn't want her making more money than TLC was willing to pay her, but she also has a lot more to say.

In a lengthy interview with 90 Day Fiance blogger extraordinaire John Yates (it's nearly an hour and forty minutes, and you can watch the interview here on YouTube), Larissa delves into every topic.

That means that rumors about her run-in with ICE on September 19.

That means TLC firing her. That means opening up about things that she has never before revealed about her plastic surgeries.

That means Eric, Carmen, and some feuds with castmates.

It also means a sore subject for many of Larissa's critics — her children back in Brazil.

1. Larissa is speaking up

Larissa lima in her new home
From her new home in Colorado Springs, Larissa is diving into her run-in with ICE, her feud with Nathalie, her boob job, her falling out with 90 Day Fiance, how she knows that Colt was cheating with Vanessa, and more.

2. But first …

Larissa lima laughs on deck
“I believe the company wants to maintain old fashioned and rather odd values,” Larissa recently told a fan on Instagram who asked why she’d been given the boot. “Off in what they do actually tolerate. The problem the company had with me, was they did not want me making more money than they could offer.”

3. 90 Day Fiance infamously underpays its stars

Aaron carter tweet 90 day fiance should pay cast more larissa me
… To the point where Aaron Carter is weighing in on it, pointing out that stars — and he names Larissa specifically — deserve to be paid more. I can’t say that I normally find myself nodding in agreement when Aaron posts to social media, but he’s right. Estimates say that even series veterans like Larissa likely don’t make much more than $15,000 to $20,000 per season. Considering how immensely popular the 90 Day Fiance franchise is, it seems unfair.

4. Moving on …

John yates interviews larissa lima
So, Larissa sat down for an interview with 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates. One of the hot topics was, of course, Larissa’s detention by ICE on September 19 — exactly one month prior to this interview. Some trolls immediately decided that Larissa must have fabricated the entire event for “publicity.”

5. Larissa explains

Larissa lima explains it all
She says that the idea of being arrested was at the front of her mind, so when she was taken to court, she was fearful — as we have seen in the past whenever she had an immigration appointment — that this would be her arrest and deportation and the end of her life in America. What happened was that they wanted to look at all of her documents and papers. When there was nothing amiss, they released her — rattled but okay.

6. The fear was still looming large in her mind

Larissa lima speaks to the camera
“Any time that you are here in the country, without a green card, you can be detained. Even someone that has no charge, nothing,” Larissa notes. Sadly, this is true. Additionally, some people with green cards and some US-born citizens have been detained by ICE in recent years, as the white nationalists who are setting immigration policy at the DOJ and at the White House hope to terrorize people of color so greatly that even legal attempts to immigrate to the US no longer feel worth the risk. This is, simply put, state-sponsored terrorism.

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