Law of Attraction 101. How to attract ANYTHING you want!

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The law of attraction is a New Age/New Thought concept, which claims that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have a direct impact on our physical reality.

The law of attraction works regardless whether you believe in it or not. It is simply a law. You can to not believe in it, yet you will still see all your subconscious beliefs manifest in your physical reality. Why go against nature when you can utilize this powerful law to make your wildest dreams your reality?

The three steps of the law of attraction as presented in The Secret:

1. Ask.

Define what it is you want and make your intention about this desire clear to the Universe.

2. Believe.

Believe that your desire is coming your way. In fact, scratch that. Believe that it is already yours! You manifest not exactly what you want, but rather what you are. Be in alignment with receiving your desire.


This requires you to let go of the outcome. When you continuously ask the Universe for your desire, you project lack of thereof into the Universe. This is the biggest mistake people make when they start consciously using the law of attraction. When you ask the Universe to make your wish come true a multiple times, your energy indicates that you don’t have it. Let go of your obsessive need to control how and when your desire manifests. Be certain it is already here. That’s how you get it.

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