London On Da Track’s Mom Testified During R. Kelly’s Trial

London on da Track’s mother just testified during R. Kelly’s trial. Check out the latest details below.
The Shade Room notes that Kelly’s trial is still taking place in New York City, and on Friday, his former assistant entered the courtroom to speak about her time working for the singer.
TSR cited info from Reuters press agency and said that ‘Cheryl Mack, who is also the mother of well-known music producer London On Da Track, testified in the Brooklyn courtroom and shared some of the things she experienced while working as an assistant to the singer. One incident she recalled in particular, took place backstage at a concert in Connecticut. She reportedly claimed that she had seen a woman massaging him, and when she left the room she saw the woman moving her head towards his private area.’
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A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) ‘That was kind of my cue to leave, I was very uncomfortable,’ she said.
TSR notes that ‘Another incident she reportedly shared took place in 2015 and involved her writing an “apology letter,” which consisted of claims that were not true.’
Someone said: ‘All the celebrities are connected, all you gotta do is just pay attention lol,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Y’all talking about canceling London like he’s the former assistant.’
A follower posted ‘I could have sworn the mama was putting hotel rooms in her name for Robert and his underaged girls,’ and one otheer person said: ‘Sooo was the woman under age or was it more to the story… we need more details.’
Someone posted this: ‘This trial is so messy! At this point just hand out sentencing, because we know he’s guilty.’
Bacak in July, we were revealing that R. Kelly might see some more problems apart from the ones that he already has. Check out the latest reports as presented by The Shade Room.
Kelly is already facing 22 charges of sexual abuse against young girls and women, but there are more charges filed against him. Source

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