Loren Brovarnik SLAMS Facebook: Stop Letting Fans Attack My Baby!

Loren Brovarnik hasn’t even been a mother for two full months yet, but she has already had to smack down trolls who insulted her baby.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance fan favorite is taking aim at an online community who ridiculed her infant son.

“To all those disturbed people at the ’90 Day Fiancé (Unfiltered),'” Loren begins a post on her Instagram Stories.

She accompanies her words with a photo of baby Shai, who was born in early April of this year.

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Loren goes on to explain that this is a “@Facebook group who makes fun of babies and other people.”

While she is furious at the people saying cruel things about her precious son, she is also unhappy that they had the opportunity to do so.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 01 of 02

“Shame on you @facebook,” Loren scolds the infamous social media site that many blame in part for the current state of the world.

“This page has been reported multiple times for posting things about my baby (and other people),” she accuses.

“Yet you still allow it!” Loren marvels.

Loren is certainly not the only one outraged that the depths to which people will stoop when they are on social media.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 02 of 02

“Call me crazy,” Loren suggested, “but WHO MAKES FUN OF BABIES?!”

She concluded by declaring that this entire affair is “Absolutely disgusting!!”

She is 100% right about that. Making fun of children is cruel and unacceptable and crosses the line of basic human decency.

Making fun of a newborn is … well, words fail to describe what sort of person would do such a thing.

Loren and Alexei are public figures.

Though they are almost universally beloved by 90 Day Fiance viewers and fans, that does mean that yes, some people may make fun of them.

They are adults who signed up for reality television and who continue to voluntarily air their persona lives on social media.

They even caught viewers up who do not follow them in a recent episode of What Now?

Shai Josef Brovarnik is not even two months old, yet he is also arguably a public figure.

Obviously, he’s not old enough to sign up for anything other than nursing, nap time, and diaper changes.

But famous parents create famous kids — that is simply how it works.

That said, because he is not only a child but a literal baby, ridiculing his appearance is vicious and practically inhuman.

Attacking anyone’s appearance is obviously unfair.

The reason for this is that, no matter how bad or even wretched a person may be, someone else is bound to share the same physical trait.

Attacking someone like Colt Johnson or Donald Trump for their figures may feel justified for the person doing it.

But doesn’t it make more sense to focus upon choices that they make and character traits rather than physical features that good, innocent people may share?

That argument goes 1,000 times for making fun of children and babies.

Ridiculing an adult for their looks may leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Ridiculing a newborn baby is a friendship ender.

Should Facebook allow this kind of discourse on their site?

Considering that they actively allow disinformation campaigns to run rampant so long as they do so under the guise of politics, it’s unlikely that they will stop it.

The First Amendment gives Americans the right to free speech with very few limitations.

That does not mean that people can say what they want without consequences, however.

A beloved internet personality and comedian Justin McElroy famously addressed this in 2018.

Justin McElroy tweet the first amendment protects from the government not the justin

The government may not censor the ridiculing of a baby, and apparently Facebook is content to err on the side of being permissive.

(Unless it pertains to human sexuality or someone dares to show a nipple, of course)

But people who make fun of babies are not immune to being held accountable for their nasty words.

Call people out when they do wrong. Maybe they will use the experience to grow and learn as human beings.


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