Love Wins! 20 Celebrity Couples Who Survived Cheating And Sex Scandals

Betrayed, embarrassed, and angry, are all words to describe the emotions someone feels when they find out their partner has cheated on them. With social media, dating apps, and butt implants, it seems like losing your partner is one DM slide away. But not only is it easier to cheat than ever before, it’s easier to get caught.

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Some couples are able to get past their partners infidelity, taking them back again and sometimes…again. Couples who decide to make it work will usually sweep it under and the rug and try to forget that it ever happened. Nobody really goes around bragging that they’ve cheated or been cheating on and everybody hopes that they never have to go through it. But for celebrity couples it’s almost expected that eventually one will cheat on the other.

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Depending on the circumstances, celebrity infidelity can turn into a straight up sex scandal but it can also make their relationship stronger. Here is a list of celebrity couples that straight up powered through the cheating, lies, and scandals and are proving everybody wrong.


1. Josh and Anna Duggar
When Love Began:
 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar met Anna Duggar when she was a teenager at a Christian home school convention in 2006. They got married two years later at Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hillard, Florida.
Who Cheated:  Dark secrets began to unravel in 2015 when a 2006 police report revealed that Josh had been investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting five young girls (two of which were later revealed to be his own sisters).  Anna stayed by his side despite the shocking scandal but it didn’t end there. Months later, Josh was then one of 32 million disgraced spouses who were outed as a result of a hack on the website Ashley Madison. The website’s core mission is literally cheating and it’s slogan “Life is Short. Have an Affair” was apparently just too catchy for Josh to turn down.
How They Dealt With It: Josh released a statement on his family blog, and wrote “I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.” He later checked into a treatment center.
Where They Are Today: Some may think this is too much for anyone to power through but after nine years and two major scandals the couple is still “rebuilding their life together” and gave birth to their fifth child in 2017.

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife, Anna! ❤ I am so thankfull for you and the fact that you’re still by my side. You’re an amazing mother to our four, and soon to be five, children! They can’t have a better mom. You’re the best! ❤ I promise you to always be yours. There is no one who can take you’re place. I also promise that I will try, everyday, to be a better husband and father! You deserve it so much! I love you, my dear Anna. Forever. 👫❤ Happy Mother’s Day, mom. ❤ Thank you for all your support the last years. And especially a huge thank you for being there for Anna. That you will lift her up when she feels down, and always help her with everything. You are the best mom I, and the other 18, could have. You loved everyone of us as much as you can and never picked a favorite! I love you, momma. Thank you. ❤ I hope you both have a blessed day! You both deserve it. 💋 Josh

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2. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
When Love Began: Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Ubrieta met while she was an extra in a music video in 1999 at the same location he was filming K.O.B.E. She was a senior in high school and they got married in 2001 when she was 18.
Who Cheated: Kobe and Vanessa had a six month old daughter and were only married for two years when Kobe was accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year-old concierge at a hotel in Colorado in 2003.
How They Dealt With It: Kobe publicly apologized and maintained his belief that it was a consensual encounter and the rape case was later settled out of court. Vanessa stood by Kobe’s side at press conferences and forgave him, but in 2011 rumors started to circulate that Kobe was stepping out on Vanessa again! This time with a Playboy model and a producer.
Where They Are Today:  Vanessa filed for divorce, but ended up reconciling with the basketball player in 2013 and they gave birth to their third child in 2016.

#Queenmamba #Oscar

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3. Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermot
When Love Began: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott met on the set of Mind Over Murder in 2005 when they were both married to other people. McDermott was with his wife for more than a decade when Spelling stole his heart and they separated from their partners that same year. A month after Spelling’s divorce was finalized they got married, began having children, and started their lives as celebrity couple reality stars on E!
Who Cheated: The happy family and spin offs continued until 2014 when Us Weekly exclusively revealed that he had a two-day affair with a 28 year-old woman named Emily Goodhand.
How They Dealt With It: Mcdermott publicly admitted and apologized to cheating and entered into rehab for sex addiction. For most celebrity cheaters, the easiest thing is to act unfazed, post a selfie together, avoid the press and hope everyone leaves them alone. But this was not the case for Spelling and Mcdermott.
Where They Are Today: Mcdermott’s infidelity became a major plot line for their Lifetime reality show True Tori. Mcdermott proposed to Spelling for the third time in 2016 and the couple has five children together. 


4. Snoop Dogg and Shante Taylor
When Love Began: The fact that Snoop Dogg is still married to his high school sweetheart Shante Taylor is both endearing and surprising. The two have been married since 1997, but when the rap star’s career took off, so did the cheating rumors.
Who Cheated: The  former pimp has been accused of cheating on his wife dozens of times and the marriage hit the rocks in 2004 when the couple filed for divorce.
How They Dealt With It:  The couple stayed relatively quiet about the rumors until they were close to divorce. Snoop admitted that the break was his fault, explaining “I cheated on her. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do—lose somebody’s trust who really loves you.”
Where They Are Today: The couple ended up reconciling and and although Snoop has been photographed with other mystery women throughout the years they continue to power through it.

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5. Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter
When Love Began: Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter got married in Nov 30, 1997—four years after meeting. A year after their first son was born, WIlliams found Hunter cheating but forgave him. 
Who Cheated: 
Williams and Hunter were married for 20 years before a juicy rumor hit the headlines in 2017. Unlike a one night stand, or one little mistake, rumors that Hunter was a having a full blown decade long affair with a massage therapist that lived right down the street from Williams spread like wildfire. Williams did her best to stand by her man announcing on her show that “all is good in Hunterville” but the photos and evidence that spread around social media were too much for anyone to deny.
How They Dealt With It:
Williams is always ready and happy to discuss celebrity scandals and hot topics. She is also not one to shy around her own drama. Williams has written about her marriage with Kevin Hunter multiple times, even explaining how she found out Hunter was cheating on her in 2013 and how it made them “stronger.”
Where They Are Today: Williams stayed with Hunter despite the cheating and explained to VladTV, “the best advice that I can give is that if you’re the one who was cheated on, whether you decide to stay or leave, forgive and forget either way.”

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6. Cardi B and Offset
When Love Began: Cardi B and The Migos member Offset worked on the same track together in 2016 but but they didn’t meet until a random encounter in New York a month later. They dated on the down low then got engaged only eight months after going public with their relationship on Instagram. The news left fans surprised since rumors that the couple had split surfaced right before their engagement.
Who Cheated: Three months went by before multiple allegations of infidelity against Offset went viral including a pregnant model. Then came proof. Offset’s iCloud account was hacked and a video of a naked woman walking around his hotel room went viral. The internets best social media investigators were quick to link a portion of his outfit in the clip to a show he had right before he proposed to Cardi.
How They Dealt With It: Cardi confirmed that he had cheated on her back in September, telling her fans that “this s**t happens to everyone.” A source later exclusively told Us, “She has zero intention of leaving him.”
Where They Are Today: The couple is still together and Cardi often mentions Offset in her music.

Cardi B and Offset smiling and hugging

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7. Beyoncé and Jay Z
When Love Began: Beyoncé and Jay-Z  met when she was 18, sometime between 1999 and 2000. They were friends for a year-and-a-half before they began dating.
Who Cheated: Rumors have swirled that Jay has been unfaithful since 2005, linking him to stars like Rihanna, LIV, Rita Ora and the list goes on. There is even a rumor that Jay got Rihanna pregnant and the child is living somewhere in the Caribbean. Rumors that the couple was close to splitting in 2014 were fueled when the infamous footage of Beyoncé’s sister Solange kicking Jay-Z in an elevator went viral. It was rumored that the kick was because of his relationship with Ora. The rumors continued to spiral with TV star Casey Cohen, and Rachel Roy being added to the list of his hook ups.
How They Dealt With It:  Despite the rumors, videos of them arguing, and elevator kicks, Beyoncé would shut down rumors with a stylized post on IG making it seem as if they couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t until Beyonce and Jay-Z’s confessional albums Lemonade and 4:44,  and his interview with The New York Times Magazine in 2017 that he finally admitted to cheating on his wife. He said, “The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone’s face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself.”
Where They Are Today: Beyoncé and Jay-Z seem stronger than ever and are going on tour together. Jay is opening up about his cheating and told Letterman “I like to believe we’re in a better place today. But we’re still working and communicating and growing. And I’m proud of the father and the husband that I am today because of all the work that was done.” The couple has a beautiful family and two children together.

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8. Hillary and Bill Clinton
When Love Began: Former President Bill Clinton and president hopeful Hillary Clinton were both in law school at Yale when they locked eyes. Bill  described Hillary in his memoir writing “She had thick dark blond hair… and wore eyeglasses and no makeup. But she conveyed a sense of strength and self-possession I had rarely seen in anyone, man or woman.”
Who Cheated: The Clintons are used to being in the public eye discussing political and global issues. But nobody could forget the TV sitcom-worthy scandal that they faced while Bill was in office in the mid 1990s that revolved around a stained blue dress. The White House was never the same after allegations that the president was having an affair with his 22 year-old intern Monica Lewinsky hit Washington.
How They Dealt With It: Bill infamously denied these allegations proclaiming he “did not have sexual relations with that woman” and Hillary supported her man, but America wanted answers. Lewinsky’s meeting with prosecutors and her bodily fluid stained dress ultimately led to his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice. Despite the trial, Hillary stayed with Bill despite his adulterous ways and in an interview with CNN she recalled, “It was really hard. It was painful. And I was so supported by my friends. My friends just rallied around.”
Where They Are Today: Since Hillary lost the presidential election the two have continued to support each other. They have one daughter, Chelsea, who works for the Clinton foundation.

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9. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade
When love began: Gabrielle Union is no stranger to infidelity. The actress wrote an autobiography and opened up about her relationship problems with Chris Howard and how she found out he was cheating the same day he proposed to her. The couple ended their engagement and Union later married basketball star Dwayne Wade. Union and Wade met cohosting a Superbowl party in 2007, but unfortunately, that didn’t mean this would be the last time she felt the sting of her partner cheating.
Who Cheated: The Miami Heat star fathered another child during a brief break from the Bring It On actress.
How they dealt with it: Union briefly ended her engagement after finding out that he cheated. But they reconciled and got married. Wade has always been thankful for her forgiveness and wrote “My life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you but your love has conquered all and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you,” on Instagram in 2014.
Where are they now: Wade has told the press Union “still loves him despite the cheating.” They are happily married but unfortunately are struggling to have children. 


10. David Letterman and Regina Lasko
When love began: David Letterman and Regina Lasko met in 1986 while she worked on his show. The two started dating almost immediately. 
Who cheated:
This might have been the last couple whose sex life would become public until Letterman was blackmailed. After a CBS producer found a diary proving Letterman was having an affair with his assistant in 2009.
How they dealt with it: The former Late Show host was forced to admit to hooking up with multiple staffers on air saying, “I had sex with women who work for me.”
Where are they now: Letterman was always remorseful describing the incident as “akin to having killed your family in a car crash” and has expressed his gratitude towards Lasko for staying with him. They have one son together.

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11. Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen
When love began: Former NBA star Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen stated dating in 1995 and got married two years later.
Who cheated: When Pippen filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage, sources claimed to Us Weekly exclusively that she had cheated with Future. “He found out about Larsa and Future and couldn’t handle it,” one insider said.
How they handled it: They both released statements about their divorce and Larsa even professed her love for Future on IG but the couple reconciled four months later.
Where are they now: The couple has four children together and have officially canceled their divorce.

All star dinner

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12. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
When love began: Sharon Osbourne met Ozzy Osbourne when she was 18 years old in 1971. Sharon was working as a receptionist for her father Don Arden who was managing Black Sabbath at the time.
Who cheated: As if biting off a bat’s head wasn’t enough, Sharon had to overcome some other things Ozzy did with his mouth when she caught him cheating with women literally all around the planet!!!! Sharon opened up about his mistresses saying “their wasn’t just one woman, there was six of them… some Russian teenager, then a masseuse in England, our masseuse [in the U.S.] and then our cook.” He even had a four year relationship with his hairdresser.
How they dealt with it: When the couple split in 2016 we thought it was over for this strange and eccentric duo, but Ozzy went to rehab for sex addiction in August of that year.
Where are they now: Sharon took him Ozzy back after he completed rehab. They renewed their vows on Mother’s Day.

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13. President Donald and Melania Trump
When love began: President Donald Trump met Melania Knauss in 1998. He was actually supposed to meet a different supermodel that night but was taken aback by Knauss. They exchanged numbers and began dating, appearing at A-list locations.
Who Cheated: Bill Clinton isn’t the only man in the oval office with a scandal. Trump is rumored to have hooked up with porn star Stormy Daniels. An interview with Daniels surfaced where she claimed to have had a year long affair with Trump. Not only did she pass a polygraph test, but even her husband confirmed it! Aside from the Daniels scandal, a Playboy model has claimed to of had an affair with Donald and more than a dozen women have accused the president of sexual misconduct.
How they dealt with it: The president denied all of these allegations and despite the stories, Melania Trump doesn’t seem to care…well about anything really.
Where are they now: The couple is still together and Melania continues to stand by the president’s side.

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14. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish

When love began:  Kevin Hart  described his relationship with Eniko Parrish as being seven years deep when they got married in 2016. He talked about their relationship on The Breakfast Club and explained, “I didn’t meet Eniko when I was ‘Kev’ (famous). I met her when it was ‘Oh, it’s about to get crazy.’ I was doing some shows in the theatre I wasn’t in arenas yet or movies. She’s been around.”
Who cheated? The couple was expecting their first child together when they had to overcome their first sex scandal together.
Hart scoffed at rumors that he had been unfaithful to his wife after a video of him and a woman in a car surfaced online, but he wasn’t the last one laughing when someone tried to extort him with footage of him in Vegas with another woman.
How they dealt with it: Before the sex scandal hit the headlines he was forced to confess on Instagram that he had cheated on Parrish while she was eight months pregnant.
Where are they now: Despite the scandal, Parrish and Hart have powered through “his bad error of judgement” as a family. Hart explained on The Breakfast Club “That’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour of my life.” The couple gave birth to their first child and Hart refers to Parrish and “his rib.”

#Harts #MyLittleTwin

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15. David and Victoria Beckham
When love began: David and Victoria Beckham are so hot together it’s borderline unfair. The two have been dating since 1997 and were first introduced to each other at a charity football match.
Who cheated: Their beautiful and picture perfect family almost makes us forget all about that cheating scandal David had back in 2004 with his assistant Rebecca Loos. David and Loos were photographed at a night club together and the British tabloids went wild. Confirmed accounts by Loos and her family were published, other women came forward alleging that they too hooked up with the soccer player and their nanny was even quoted describing the fights she witnessed between the couple.
How they dealt with it: Throughout it all, the Beckham’s stood their ground that the relationship was happy and healthy, found a lawyer and successfully sued tabloids and even the nanny. Posh and Beck fans may never know the real story, but surviving a cheating scandal like this is more than impressive.
Where are they now: The couple is still together and have four children together.

Look who came to visit my #VVBAW18 presentation today! Love u @davidbeckham x

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16. Bill and Camille Cosby
When love began: Bill Cosby met his wife Camille when they went on a blind date at a bowling alley in 1963. He was a 25-year-old comedian and she was a teenager at the University of Maryland. She dropped out of school at the age of 19 and married Cosby and they began having children.
Who cheated:  Nobody could believe it when rumors and allegations that Bill could possibly be an actual monster went rampant. Bill has been accused of drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct by more than 50 women including celebrities like Janice Dickinson. One by one horrifying stories with eerie similarities (and even reported incidents and payouts) dating as far back as the 1960s spread like wildfire.
How they dealt with it: Bill denied all allegations of assault and his case against former Temple University employee Andrea Constand was declared a mistrial.
Where are they now: Despite the allegations and affairs Bill called consensual, Camille has never wavered from Bill and is always at his trials by his side.

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17. Lebron James and Savannah Brinson
When love began: Lebron James and Savannah Brinson were from the same town in Ohio and are high school sweethearts.
Who cheated: You know what they say, it goes down in the DM! James is used to scoring, and that’s exactly what it looked like he was trying to do when IG model Heidi Hoback  posted a screenshot which appeared to be his IG handle along with a cheesy DM that read “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal?” I guess that was no deal because Hoback straight blasted him on social media and the screenshot went viral.
How they dealt with it:  James never responded to the reports and let the whole thing blow over.
Where are they now: Nonetheless, Brinson seems unbothered by the rumors saying she knows he would never cheat and the couple is seemingly happy.


18. Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson
When love began: Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson met at an annual Playboy golf tournament in 2008. They got married at the Playboy mansion a year later and starred in a reality show called Kendra On Top documenting their family’s happy life together.
Who cheated: Wilkinson eventually got pregnant and everything was fine until stories involving Baskett and two transgendered models had people in a media frenzy.
How they dealt wit hit: Baskett admitted that he was trying to buy pot at a hotel when a nude transgender model answered the door while making out with another transgendered model, he said he then froze while they fondled him through his shorts, admitting that he “messed up” but “didn’t do anything.”
Where they are now: Although trouble may be on the horizon, they are still married and have two children together.

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19.  Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell
When love began: Teen Mom, stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell won the hearts of reality show fans while making the painstaking decision to give their daughter up for adoption. The couple met in the 7th grade after Baltierra transferred schools and in the same music class as her. They had a child of their own and went on to star in multiple MTV spin offs documenting their hardships as a couple including a heartbreaking miscarriage. The devastating miscarriage led Lowell to check into rehab three times for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
Who cheated: While she was away, rumors and blind items began to surface about Baltierra being unfaithful to Lowell, which he denied.
How they dealt with it: When a fan asked on twitter “I wonder how many times [Tyler] has cheated on [Catelynn],” Tyler retweeted the tweet, (sarcastically?) adding, “More times than I could count.”
Where are they now: Lowell must have known he was being sarcastic and they continue to support each other’s mental health on Instagram.

Finally home and it feels so good!

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20. Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon
When love began: Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon met in a White Castle parking lot in 2014. After dating for two years the couple got engaged but have still not gotten married due to his cheating ways.
Who cheated: There are stories that Gordon has cheated on Williams with not just one, but multiple women. There were photos of Gordon buying condoms at a gas station and even some juicy screenshots of him and a model.
How they dealt with it: All of the cheating rumors eventually took a toll on their relationship and Williams broke up with Gordon on Instagram on his birthday. She’s explained that Gordon kept getting caught because women kept sending her photos and videos. Williams had a fling with Soulja Boy and the two were straight up drama blasting each other on Instagram until it got too embarrassing to keep going. Nevertheless, Williams took Gordon back and the couple appeared on Marriage Bootcamp in an attempt to strengthen their relationship.
Where are they now:  Lorenzo and Williams now have a child together and are seemingly back together…for the time being.


21. Magic and Cookie Johnson
When love began: 
Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson met at a party in 1977 when they were college freshman. Magic and Cookie had an off and on relationship for 12 years and Johnson dated other women while he was still with Cookie.
Who cheated: Cookie described an incident three months into dating when she went to Magic’s dorm and found a girl in a robe and slippers “standing there…like that was her place and she was his girl.” Despite the flings the two got married, but only a few weeks later Magic found out that he had HIV.
How they dealt with it: Cookie stayed with Magic despite the diagnosis and the two have fought together to keep him healthy. They both attribute God and each other’s strength for making it this far.
Where they are now: The couple is often seen at red carpet events together and are both involved in the Magic Johnson Foundation, spreading awareness about HIV.


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