Mac Miller’s Mother Calls Out ‘Exploitative’ Biographical Book That’s Not Family Approved!

Mac Miller’s mother, Karen Meyers, dragged the upcoming biographical book about her rapper son as ‘exploitative and incredibly disappointing.’ As you know, Mac passed away in 2018 after an accidental drug overdose.
Karen Meyers spoke out against the book about her late son and instead, recommended another one that she considers to be a much better read for the fans.
The statement from Meyers was released on her IG account yesterday and in it, she made sure to boycott the upcoming book by writer Paul Cantor – Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller.
The biography is set to be released on January 18, 2022 and is currently available for pre-order but obviously, the rapper’s mom would rather not see the ‘exploitative’ book hit anyone’s shelves.
Karen stressed that the book has not been ‘authorized or endorsed by Malcolm’s family and it has been written by someone with whom Malcolm didn’t have a relationship. [The author] had no access to those that were closest to Malcolm. In fact, the writer was made aware of the outset of the process of writing the book that the family and friends were uncomfortable with him authoring Malcolm’s biography, yet he chose to proceed against our insistence he not do a disservice to Malcolm’s legacy by writing a book without legitimate primary sources.’
While the mother of Mac Miller noted that ‘can’t definitively speak to the intention’ behind the upcoming book, she stressed that she and the rest of the family and friends ‘cannot help but feel’ like it is ‘meant to capitalize on the interest’ in The Book Of Mac, another biography recently announced and written by music writer Donna-Claire Chesman, the latter of which has obviously been approved by the family.
As far as Karen is concerned, some people might confuse the two books and that is what Cantor is counting on.
With that being said, she called out this writer for also using Mac’s birthday as a ‘marketing tool’ that is ‘exploitative and incredibly disappointing.’
After all, the biography is set to be released one day before Mac Miller’s birth date, which is January 19. Source

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