Mackenzie Edwards Trolls Maci Bookout: LOL, You’re Obsessed with Me!

Just in case you weren’t sure, Teen Mom fans?

Just in case you had any doubts?

Just in case you thought there was peace between Mackenzie Edwards and Maci Bookout?

We’re here to make it as clear as can be: HA! Not by a long shot.

mac and maci

Earlier this week, Mackenzie jumped on her Instagram Stories page and shared a meme that read as follows:

“No one watches you harder than the person who can’t stand you.”

She did not cite her long-time rival by name, of course. That would make it way too obvious.

Anyone paying attention to the actions of Edwards and Bookout, however, is well aware that the former was talking trash here about the latter.

nobody watches you

Prior to Mackenzie uploading this quote, Bookout had seemingly hurled shade at Mackenzie by actually coming out with “petty bitch” t-shirts.

This is an insult Edward had previously tossed at Maci, as the pair have been at each other’s throats since, well… pretty much as long as we can remember.

Mackenzie, of course, is married to Bookout’s ex, Ryan Edwards.

The trio have often clashed over Ryan and Maci’s 12-year old so, Bentley; specifically, they’ve had issues with how frequently Ryan and his family get to spend time with the child… following Ryan’s lengthy history of drug abuse. 

petty b shirt

Back in February, for example, Mackenzie and Ryan lashed out at Maci after Bentley refused to attend his half-brother Jagger’s birthday party.

“I am responsible for these kids’ emotions and feelings, and they don’t deserve that,” said Mackenzie in response to her belief that Maci withheld Bentley from the gathering.

This is when she added:

“It’s one thing to be a petty b**ch, fine, but when you’re including my kids, that’s not okay with me.”


Maci fired back hard at the time, Tweeting:

“I really wanted to post some ‘petty b***h’ (and hilarious) comments.

“But I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of ‘petty’ without Googling it and reading it aloud.”

Bookout then got the last laugh by basically getting Ryan fired from Teen Mom OG. His wife and his parents won’t be appearing on the show again, either.

Back in May, meanwhile, Maci once again emphasized that Ryan is a deadbeat dad.

The guy has been in and out of rehab on numerous occasions and has also spent time in jail.

He’s been trying to put his life back together for years.

In other Maci Bookout news…

… the reality star shared on Instagram thiis week that she had been nominated for the 10th annual WEGO Health Awards.

She went on to provide a link where her followers could learn more about her advocacy, “endorse” her in one of the 10 categories she’s been nominated or even nominate her for additional categories.

“ … I would be humbled to receive a nomination and/or an endorsement from you,” she wrote.

“Nominations and Endorsements are ONLY OPEN UNTIL JULY 31st … so please visit my page now and help your girl out!”

maci award

Maci’s bio on the WEGO Health page describes the mom of three as a “devoted PCOS & Women’s Health Advocate.”

It goes on to claim that for more than a decade, she has “used her publicity through television and social media to empower & encourage those living with PCOS to be prevalent through the adversity they face.”

It also touts her efforts to press “for legislation to advance their efforts for PCOS acknowledgment & education.”

According to the official website, Maci has been nominated for the following awards:

Advocating for Another, Healthcare Collaborator, Lifetime Achievement, Patient Leader Hero, Rookie of the Year and Best in Show for Blog, Community, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, respectively.

We applaud the MTV personality for her work in this area.


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