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Author: ahimsa-tarot

Have fun with this but here are some suggestions to help get your creativity flowing. You are the creator of your own life experience. It’s time to design your life. You choose how you want to live and once you have written it down you’ll see more clearly what is aligned with your inner being versus what’s coming from your ego or fear. This list can be worked and reworked as often as necessary. 

  • Begin by simply coming up with answers to these 10 simple questions. These questions may spark even more questions, go for it!
  • You can even use this with tarot. Either create a 10 card (or however many want to come out) spread to see the current energy of your life (as a present and likely future spread.) 
  • You can ask your guides to assist you to better see the energy that you came here to manifest by asking them to show you cards that are more in alignment with the desired direction of your life (as a future to manifest spread.)
  1. Where do I live? (get specific on every detail)
  2. How do I live? (expand on your lifestyle at home)
  3. What do I do every day? (career, for fun etc.)
  4. Who do I live with? (animals, people, plants etc.)
  5. What is my reason to wake up every day? (what makes you want to jump out of bed and scream: I’M ALIVE!)
  6. How am I fulfilled?
  7. How do I give back?
  8. What are places I go or visit? (frequently or once)
  9. Who do I share my life with? (the real you, the highs and lows)
  10. What purpose is my life? (imagine a spirit in another dimension watching over earth and they notice you, what purpose and meaning would be given to your life – how you made (are making) an impact)

Complete this, however, makes you feel good. There are no rules only possibilities and potential.

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Author: ahimsa-tarot

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