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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are about the become parents for the very first time! There’s no denying the world is super excited! People can’t stop taking about the pregnancy, the baby and all things in between!

There are questions over whether they are having a boy or a girl, when that all important due date actually is and if the baby will be classed as an American. Oh yeah, people are already talking about the possibility of this child running for president in the future. With parents like this, this child is set for success, not only having royal connections in the UK, but all of those links to America too!

Talking about the American side, Meghan married in to the royal family last year, and while it may seem like a fairytale, there’s also the side where there’s a lot of responsibilities she’s had to take on. Its easy to forget how Meghan’s royal duties are actually like having a full time job. Well, just like any NORMAL pregnant lady, she’s now also taken the time to go on maternity leave. But Prince Harry has carried on and is working just as hard.

Harry actually stepped out for a royal outing and was seen with his brother’s wife Kate Middleton, and we have to say this is the happiest we’ve seen this pair together for a long time! It was great to see a huge smile on Kates face as they make their outing together. It was for the royal family’s Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Harry’s surprise attendance certainly implies that Meghan isn’t in labor, or expecting to be TOO SOON.

Now ahead of the birth of their CHILD Harry and Meghan recently moved into Frogmore Cottage. Their move away from Kensington Palace got people talking about a feud between the brothers and their wives all over again. But a source revealed that William and Kate headed to Harry and Meghan’s new house after attending Easter church service.

Meghan and Harry’s royal baby is set to make history in more ways than one. Not only being the first modern biracial royal in line for the throne. If you’re wondering, Baby Sussex will actually be 7th in line! But the baby will also technically be a U.S. citizen and hold dual citizenship in the U.K.

Meghan and Harry have chosen to do many things differently to William and Kate. For example, Harry and Meghan have chosen to keep the details about their baby planning private. The couple has chosen not to reveal where Meghan intends to give birth either. So while we’ve been used to a 24/7 media stakeout outside the hospital – just like the birth William and Kate’s three children, It’s safe we can expect not to have that with this pair!

Don’t expect a photo of the happy family walking out of the hospital like William and Kate either.



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