Meghan Markle: Was Her True Desire to Become a Kardashian, Not a Duchess?

Those with insight into American life and British royalty have said that Meghan Markle was simply too sensible to fit in with the royal agenda.

Now, a former British reality star says that this suited Meghan just fine.

According to her, Meghan didn’t want to be a duchess or anything of the sort.

Instead, she wanted to be the next Kardashian … and everything’s worked out so that she’s getting her wish.

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Leilani Dowding isn’t exactly a household name, especially outside of the United Kingdom.

But the former Page 3 girl and Real Housewife of Cheshire loves to speak her mind.

According to the 41-year-old television personality, everything that Meghan has done fits a pattern.

Meghan and Harry stepped back from their active royal duties in early 2020.

They have since moved to Los Angeles and signed a massive deal with Netflix.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will produce documentaries, films, and children’s television series for the streaming behemoth.

Leilani spoke to, claiming that this is all according to Meghan’s design.

“I called it so long ago,” she boasted.

Leilani continued: “I was like ‘they’re going to end up in Los Angeles.'”

“She didn’t want to go to like the biscuit factories or, you know, go to Cleethorpes,” Leilani said.

Meghan apparently didn’t want to do those obscenely British-sounding things “and do all the duties that like a Duchess or Princess will have to do.”

Leilani claimed that “she thought she was going to be out there speaking.”

Leilani alleged that Meghan thought that she would be “getting her voice out there.”

“When actually no, you’ve got to listen to the people,” she added.

“That’s your job now,” Leilani insisted.

Leilani explained that a royal’s job “is to listen not to be spouting your mouth off and having an opinion.”

She added that “your job is to listen to the people.”

“And,” Leilani continued, “go and meet them and let them talk.”

“I think she thought she was going to be like a Kardashian on the red carpet,” Leilani suggested.

She imagined that Meghan thought that she would be “wearing beautiful dresses and that was the life of a Princess or a Duchess.”

There’s no indication that Meghan thought that beyond Leilani’s fancies, but sure, why not?

“I think that’s what they want, I’ve always said I think that that’s what they want to do,” Leilani accused.

She added: “[I think] Meghan literally wants to be like a wannabe of the Kardashians.”

According to the former reality star, “she wants the glamour, going out to the red carpet events, wearing the nice dresses.”

“She doesn’t want to do the Royal thing,” Leilani added.

She explained: “Which is, you know, dignified and be of service to other people.”

Is that what the royal family does? If you say so, Leilani?

She said that the realities of royal life must have been a “shock” to Meghan.

“I think she got a bit of a rude awakening when she saw what her duties will actually be,” Leilani insisted.

“And it was so obvious that she was going to try and get out of it,” she added.

“As soon as she said she was going to LA,” Leilani continued.

She concluded: “I just thought ‘Oh my God she really wants to be like a Kardashian!'”

Is everyone living in Los Angeles a Kardashain? It is, notably, the city where Meghan’s mother lives.

All of this fits in beautifully with Leilani’s history of speaking on topics on which she has little to know actual knowledge.

Any outlet with an agenda interviews her and boosts her words as she puts any tabloid’s favorite punching bag on blast.

In this case, Duchess Meghan is her target. It doesn’t matter if Leilani doesn’t know her or her heart, apparently.


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